Taylor Swift Reveals HAIM and Laura Dern’s Roles in “Bejeweled” Video – E! Online

Taylor Swift Reveals HAIM and Laura Dern's Roles in

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The “Bejeweled” video, are you all set for it?

Taylor Swift put audiences in a lavender haze by exposing that both HAIM and Laura Dern are included in her video for “Bejeweled” throughout anOct 24 look on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

As Taylor described, the video, which will be launched at midnight onOct 25, will take audiences through “a little twist on a Cinderella story” where the HAIM sis play the action sis and Laura will play the stepmother.

As for how the “Enchanted” vocalist got Laura on board, it took an easy ask.

Taylor described, “I was like, ‘Oscar-winner Laura Dern, hello. I’ve written a script. It’s a one scene script in which you are going to call me ‘a tired, tacky wench’ and she was like ‘I’m down.'”

The 32- year-old shared that Laura is “the coolest” and directing her was “easier than anything I’ve ever done in my life.”