Teens break into dispensary and end up stealing oregano instead of weed


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These thieves positively did not get excessive, however they in all probability did find yourself smelling like Italian seasoning.

A gaggle of teenagers just lately stole a van and crashed it into Native Roots, a pot store in Colorado. They then raided the dispensary’s show instances and left with what they thought have been armfuls of weed.

Brent Wrathbone instructed KKTV that he was leaving work when he heard “this large outdated crash.”

“[The suspects] got here out with bunches of marijuana of their arms,” Wrathbone mentioned.

Besides it wasn’t the herb they anticipated. In response to Native Roots’ homeowners, the store does not put actual weed on show. As an alternative, they put out oregano and maintain the actual marijuana elsewhere.

“All of our product was locked away,” communications supervisor Kim Casey instructed the native CBS station. “Even these objects within the show case are all show. They’re unmedicated product.” 

She instructed KKTV that they thought they bought away with pre-rolled joints, however it was simply oregano in rolling paper. They did efficiently steal a some shirts, although. In addition they left 1000’s of price of injury to the shop from ramming the van into the constructing. 

“The injury individuals have carried out to get excessive,” Wrathbone instructed KKTV, “It is simply not price it.” 

Besides, they did not even handle to get excessive in the long run.

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