Tell us what you’ll reveal at CES 2021

Tell us what you'll show at CES 2021

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One of the most essential innovation displays of the year is adjusting to the remarkable times provided by the coronavirus pandemic. CES 2021, the world’s biggest customer electronic devices reveal, will be a completely virtual occasion. There will still be keynote speeches, brand-new items and presentations of innovative innovation at the program, which runs Jan. 11-14, however guests will experience them through a screen.

As constantly, CNET press reporters will bring you the story of CES. We’ll simply be doing it in a various method. As we will not have the ability to fulfill face to face, we wish to find out about your brand-new items ahead of time (embargoes will be honored). What will you practically reveal? What does it do and why is it terrific?

Please submit the type listed below and inform us about your statement. Use all fields and be as detailed and in-depth as you can. Below you’ll likewise discover guidelines for sending images and video. Our group will evaluate and will react if we believe it’s of interest to our readers. 

If you experience an issue with this type, send your item info to

We anticipate speaking with you. Technology is playing a a lot more essential function on the planet today and we aspire to inform our readers what they can anticipate in 2021. 

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