Tesla teases Gigafactory 1, going for biggest roof solar selection worldwide


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That’s a great deal of photovoltaic panels.

Tesla throughTwitter

Tesla is presently constructing its huge Gigafactory 1 in the Nevada desert. The Gigafactory intends to produce more batteries than the whole market did back in 2013, however it’s likewise gunning for another superlative– the biggest roof photovoltaic panel selection worldwide.

On Thursday, Tesla tweeted an image of the Gigafactory’s photovoltaic panels, teasing what this setup will appear like.

Tesla states the setup will consist of approximately 200,000 photovoltaic panels, or 70 megawatts. While this isn’t the biggest solar setup worldwide, it may be the biggest roof selection. Tesla would most likely understand, seeing how it owns SolarCity, which concentrates on roof solar installations.

For context, Apple Park’s roof solar selection– stated to be among the biggest– is just 17- megawatt That’s huge, however small compared to the Tesla factory.

Tesla’s objective is to power the Gigafactory 100 percent with sustainable energy, and this huge solar setup will assist Tesla reach that objective.