Tesla’s ‘cyberpunk’ pickup teased in shadowy image


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Elon Musk’s “one more thing” turned out to be a truck. At least part of one, though we’re not sure which.

A day after revealing the Model Y crossover with few surprises to go along with it, the Tesla CEO tweeted out a rendering of the “cyberpunk truck” his company has in development.

According to Musk, the shadowy image, which depicts a flat black rectangular-ish shape with a thin strip of lighting, was flashed on the screen at the Model Y event while the theme from the original “Blade Runner” was playing in the background. Whether it’s the hood, bed or another component is unknown, and enhancing the image doesn’t really answer any questions.

Musk has previously said the truck’s styling was inspired by the 1982 science fiction classic, and that it is the future vehicle he is most excited about. He tweeted last year that it will seat six passengers, “definitely” have a range of 400 to 500 miles, dual-motor all-wheel-drive and a self-leveling suspension. He also told Recode that it will feature a “lot of titanium,” which is an uncommon material for mainstream vehicles, and that he doesn’t know if a lot of people will buy it, but that a more conventional model could follow.

As for when we’ll see the rest of it, Musk said during the company’s earnings call in January that he might be ready to show it in full this summer, but production is likely several years away. By then, Amazon-backed startup Rivan plans to be selling an electric pickup called the R1T with similar specifications to Tesla’s truck.

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