Tests reveal earliest known Egyptian mummy


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He was most likely in his 20s and died practically 6,000 years in the past in Egypt. Past that, not a lot is understood concerning the thriller man—besides that he has helped scientists rewrite the e-book on mummification.

Chemical evaluation reveals that whoever buried him additionally embalmed him, and that pushes again the beginning of the mummification follow about 1,500 years, experiences Reside Science.

What’s extra, the “recipe” used to protect the person is much like the one which was in use about 2,500 years later, when the likes of King Tut and different pharaohs have been laid to relaxation, experiences Nationwide Geographic.

The essential recipe, per the BBC: a plant oil similar to sesame oil; a balsam-type plant or root extract; a plant-based gum, or sugar; and tree resin, which helped thrust back micro organism.

“Till now, we have not had a prehistoric mummy that has truly demonstrated—so completely by way of the chemistry—the origins of what would develop into the enduring mummification that we all know all about,” says archaeologist Stephen Buckley of the College of York.

The mother was found a few century in the past and has been within the Egyptian Museum of Turin. It proved to be an ideal specimen to check as a result of, crucially, no conservation efforts have been ever used on it over time.

Reside Science notes one attention-grabbing side of the dates concerned: The person’s dying predated writing, which means the formulation for embalming had possible been handed down verbally from technology to technology.

(Ever see a mummy tattoo?)

This text initially appeared on Newser: Earliest Recognized Egyptian Mummy Is Found

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