The 15 companies Americans want to work for the most


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When what staff need out of a potential employer, women and men have very totally different needs and requests, in accordance with a Morning Seek the advice of report launched on Thursday. After compiling 6,000 in-depth interviews with US adults, the report decide what women and men need out of a possible employer, in addition to the 15 most admired corporations by all genders.

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Some 74% of ladies surveyed stated they might wish to work extra at an organization that made a cognizant effort to rent ladies in management positions. Some 57% of males stated the identical, in accordance with the report.

Moreover, 44% of ladies stated having a wholesome work and life steadiness was a very powerful issue when contemplating an employer, whereas solely 35% of males stated the identical. Males had been additionally more likely to contemplate a job within the tech trade (74%) than ladies (50%).

Whatever the variations in preferences, the respondents all stated they might be essentially the most proud being employed on the following 15 corporations, lots of which tied for sure ranks:

  • 1. Amazon
  • 1. Google
  • three. Microsoft
  • four. Walt Disney
  • 5. Hershey
  • 5. Netflix
  • 5. United States Postal Service
  • eight. Samsung Electronics
  • 9. Fedex
  • 9. Sony
  • 9. UPS
  • 9. Youtube
  • 13. Coca-Cola
  • 13. Common Studios
  • 13. Nationwide Geographic

Each women and men discovered it equally vital—at 57% and 56%, respectively—that their firm makes an effort to advertise extra individuals of shade to management positions, the report discovered.

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The massive takeaways for tech leaders:

  • 74% of ladies surveyed stated they might be extra inclined to work for a corporation that made an actual effort to rent ladies in management positions, whereas 57% of males stated the identical. — Morning Seek the advice of, 2018
  • The highest three corporations Individuals can be most pleased with working for are Amazon, Google, and Microsoft. — Morning Seek the advice of, 2018

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