The 6 biggest tech myths Americans still believe


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Expertise is continually evolving, and with this evolution comes advances in greatest practices. Nevertheless, suggestions and tips that may’ve labored for older units aren’t essentially related for newer know-how. And a few generally unfold info could not even have been true or efficient within the first place, in keeping with a latest report from

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The report surveyed Individuals on the most well-liked tech myths they nonetheless consider. By inspecting each the survey outcomes and most tech-related Google searches by Individuals, recognized the next six tech myths as the most well-liked:

1. Smartphone cameras with extra megapixels seize higher photos

Nearly all of respondents (86%) reported firmly believing this tech fantasy. In actuality, a digicam’s megapixels don’t essentially correlate to the standard of the image, in keeping with the report. High quality is definitely extra dependent in your smartphone’s lens and sensor. So even in case you have numerous megapixels, your photos should still come out poor due to a nasty lens, the report added.

2. Charging a cellphone in a single day can break the battery

Over half (52%) of respondents mentioned they nonetheless consider this fantasy. The report discovered this fantasy to be extra outdated than unfaithful. Charging your cellphone in a single day will not break trendy smartphone batteries. Old skool cell telephones did was affected by in a single day charging, presumably ensuing of their overheating or degrading life cycle, the report says. However with new smartphones, this info is debunked.

three. Smartphone firms decelerate current cellphone fashions when a brand new mannequin is launched

Some 52% of individuals nonetheless consider on this principle, in keeping with the report. Smartphones naturally decelerate over time due to advances in software program, however it’s extraordinarily unlikely smartphone producers intentionally decelerate older telephones, the report discovered. The method occurs naturally, so there may be actually no want for producers to sluggish them down on function, the report added.

four. Airport X-ray machines can wipe the reminiscence of a cellphone or laptop computer

The X-rays utilized in airport safety scanners won’t erase your gadget’s arduous drive or have an effect on the data on it, the report mentioned. X-rays may injury outdated rolls of movie, however nothing digital. So whereas 31% of respondents mentioned they consider this info to be true, the report confirms it is a fantasy.

5. Computer systems should be shut down each evening for them to work correctly

Opposite to 30% of respondents’ perception, shutting down your laptop at evening doesn’t have an effect on the way it capabilities, in keeping with the report. Trendy computer systems have energy administration techniques that stop you from having to take action.

6. Macs cannot get viruses

Some 17% of respondents mentioned they believed Macs can’t get viruses, which is patently false, the report discovered. Whereas Macs do not get viruses as usually as PCs, they’re completely nonetheless weak.

The massive takeaways for tech leaders:

  • Despite the fact that know-how is continually evolving, most individuals are nonetheless holding on to expired myths about their units. —, 2019
  • The 2 hottest tech myths are that smartphones with extra megapixels take higher photos, and that charging a cellphone in a single day ruins the cellphone’s battery. —, 2019

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