The Audi AI: Trail is the 4×4 of the future


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Audi has unveiled a rolling observation post.

The AI: Trail is a semi-autonomous electric off-road concept that Audi says is a sneak peek at an actual vehicle coming … in 2030.

The futuristic utility vehicle features a pod-like passenger compartment mounted on top of a flat chassis that houses its battery pack and the 429 hp four-motor all-wheel-drive system for its exposed tires.

With creased windows that stretch down to elbow height and hatchbacks front and rear, the AI: Trail was designed to provide a spacious feel and 360-degree panoramic view. Audi says that a version of the window layout will appear on a production model by 2025.

The interior features straps made from the same kind of material as climbing gear and removable hammock-style rear seats, water bottles and flashlights.

The vehicle also has built-in drones equipped with cameras and lights that can fly in front of it to illuminate the way and film your driving.

Or the AI: Trail’s. Audi says it will have limited self-driving capabilities both off-road and on the street, so you can sit back and take in the scenery.


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