The Best Guy Didn’t Make It Into Katie’s Bachelorette Final 4 – E! Online

The Best Guy Didn't Make It Into Katie's Bachelorette Final 4 - E! Online

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Nothing like a great cry on a Monday night!

Somehow we have actually neared completion of Katie Thurston‘s season of The Bachelorette, and she has actually now narrowed her guys all the method to the last 4. Of course she’s delighted to satisfy the households of her leading 4 sweethearts, however there were a great deal of tears to be wept en route, both for her and for us. 

First, she sent out house Brendan. Brendan did not make that much of an impression on us, so Katie’s tearful bye-bye to him likewise didn’t actually do much. We got a little bit more psychological when she sent out Mike P. packaging, however just due to the fact that she got so psychological and we had actually simply viewed him psychologically battle with his views on intimacy. 

Then, it came time for Katie to send out one last person house at the last increased event prior to home town dates, and she did the unimaginable: she did not offer a rose to Andrew S. Sweet sweet Andrew S., sent out house! Katie, how attempt you?

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