The Heartbreaking Truth About Elvis and Priscilla Presley’s Love Story

The Heartbreaking Truth About Elvis and Priscilla Presley's Love Story

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When Did Priscilla Presley First Move to Graceland?

Priscilla invested Christmas of 1962 at Graceland, and when she returned to Germany, she informed her mom that Elvis desired her to transfer to Memphis to end up high school.

Priscilla might cope with his dad and stepmother, Elvis informed Paul.

“Declaring his intentions honorable, he swore that he loved and needed and respected me,” Priscilla informed People “In fact, he couldn’t live without me, he said, intimating that one day we’d marry. In that light, there was little my parents could do but say yes, and eventually they did.”

Priscilla did relocate with Vernon and Dee Presley, technically, while she participated in the all-girl Immaculate Conception Cathedral High School in Memphis, however invested a lot time at Graceland with Elvis, she was ultimately simply living there

“People have said, ‘Oh my gosh, I can’t believe your parents let you go with this stranger,'” Priscilla stated on Good Morning America in2017 “But it was a very innocent time. I liked him very much. I certainly felt safe…We cannot compare it to today. We still had morals, high standard. There was a lot of care.”

But Elvis was likewise making several motion pictures a year, all with gorgeous leading girls, and even if he wasn’t having as lots of flings with his co-stars as report would have it, he likewise wasn’t living the life of a male who was promoted.