The hottest accessory at Melbourne Fashion Week was a baby


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The hottest accessory at Melbourne Fashion Week on Wednesday night wasn’t a bumbag, although let it be said there were plenty of them. It was a baby.

More specifically, the bub, six-month-old Sisko Rose, is the daughter of Kristy Barber, the designer of Kuwaii, which was part of the Premium Runway 5.

Diversity rules at Melbourne fashion week

Melbourne town hall saw the kick off of Melbourne fashion week, which is trying to earn the title of the most diverse fashion event in the country, with models of different ages, shapes and ethnicities taking to the runway.

With a start time of 8.30pm, long after most infants are in bed, Sisko sat through the 30-minute show with her ears safely protected by earmuffs. In hot pink, no less.

As the daughter of a small business owner, Sisko gets around, with Barber posting images of her daughter at dress rehearsals earlier in the day.

Kristy Barber and her baby, Sisko Rose, at rehearsals for Melbourne Fashion Week on Wednesday.

Kristy Barber and her baby, Sisko Rose, at rehearsals for Melbourne Fashion Week on Wednesday. Photo: Instagram

In March, a heavily pregnant Barber posted this about the outfit she wore to the Melbourne Fashion Festival: “Rocking pink kimono/dressing gown/opera coat which is the only thing I could fit over my growing baby bump!”

“She’s teething so she was so close to not coming but as soon as we left the house and got in the cab she knew something exciting was happening. She happily watched the first half of the show and then she nodded off,” Barber said. “It’s really good for them to see the world and get involved.”

Kuwaii, established in 2008, is one of Melbourne’s leading sustainable fashion brands. 

On her website, Barber writes the brand has a strong gender equality ethos, with all the senior roles being held by women.

“Even our business lawyer, accountant and business coach are women. We believe in empowering women throughout our entire business, and we are proud to say so. Mentorship is incredibly important to us, and we love seeing younger women on our team flourish.”

Melbourne Fashion Week runs until Friday.

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