The Kardashians’ Party Pro Shares How to Throw a Perfect Holiday Bash

The Kardashians' Party Pro Shares How to Throw a Perfect Holiday Bash

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Set expectations.

Let’s be genuine: Half the appeal of the yearly Kardashian celebration is seeing which designer ensemble each of the siblings (and their mini mes) will pick for their actual yard celebration. (Of course their yards are multi-acre stretches covered in synthetic snow, an enormous igloo and tunnels of twinkle lights. But still.) While you likely do not have a Carolina Herrera dress hanging in your closet, you can still totally lean into the glam with 3 little words: “Dress to impress,” Sacks recommends composing on the welcome.

And that’s not the only directions she would consist of. To set the phase for a genuinely legendary night of karaoke, she encourages appointing each visitor or group a tune, therefore removing any tension about what to carry out. “That way they can practice, they can have fun at home getting ready for the party,” she discussed. “So it’s not like they show up and go, ‘Okay, what songs are on the list? Which ones do I want?'”

Plus, you can make sure memories of the night are continuously playing in their mind by gifting each visitor a Spotify of the tracks sung. This method, kept in mind Sacks, “they would be able to singalong and remember all the beauty that they just experienced.”

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