The Truth About Duchess Camilla’s Life Before She Ended Up With Prince Charles – E! Online

The Truth About Duchess Camilla's Life Before She Ended Up With Prince Charles - E! Online

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Up till then, thanks to Camilla and Andrew’s collective efforts, Tom and Laura Parker Bowles believed they had a completely delighted household; they likewise got along fantastic with Charles, whom they had actually understood all their lives.

After the Morton book came out, the queen firmly insisted that Diana and Charles still take a prepared journey to Korea together that November. When they returned, Diana made Charles cancel a prepared shooting weekend for him, William and Harry and numerous good friends, consisting of Andrew and Camilla. It was a yearly journey and the young boys were anticipating it—consequently, Charles was livid.

That was the final stroke, and on Dec. 9, 1992, British Prime Minister John Major revealed in the House of Commons that the Prince and Princess of Wales had actually separated. Their main split followed the separation of Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson and the divorce of Princess Anne and Mark Phillips previously in the year. (Anne then wed Timothy Laurence on Dec. 12.)

In January 1993, the Daily Mirror released bits of dripped telephone call in between Charles and Camilla, the notorious “Camillagate,” or, less delicately, “Tampon-gate,” due to the prince’s revealed desire to “live inside [Camilla’s] pants or something.” “What are you going to turn into, a pair of knickers?” she joked as they both chuckled. “Oh, you’re going to come back as a pair of knickers.” 

“Or, god forbid, a Tampax,” he quipped. “Just my luck!” Camilla jested back, “You’re a complete idiot. Oh, what a wonderful idea!”

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