The Truth About James Franco & Anne Hathaway’s 2011 Oscars Hosting Gig – E! Online

The Truth About James Franco & Anne Hathaway's 2011 Oscars Hosting Gig - E! Online

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Remember when James Franco and Anne Hathaway co-hosted the 2011 Oscars?

Perhaps not, due to the fact that you might have willingly or involuntarily obstructed that devastating onstage pairing out of your mind. Producers hoped having the stars co-host Hollywood’s most prominent award program would attract a more youthful audience. But their efficiency was greatly slammed by audiences, significantly due to the stars’ absence of chemistry.

“It was like the world’s most uncomfortable blind date between the cool rocker stoner kid and the adorable theater camp cheerleader,” David Wild, among the 2011 Oscars’ 4 primary authors, informed The Ringer in remarks published on Wednesday, April 14, a week and a half prior to the 2021 Oscars—which still has no host.

Wild remembered an uncomfortable minute in between the stars throughout wedding rehearsal, stating, “Again, this is a memory, however [she] resembled ‘Maybe you ought to attempt that,’ and he resembled, ‘Don’t inform me how to be amusing.'” Franco and Hathaway have actually not talked about his remarks.

Wild stated there was one minute where he believed Franco and Hathaway had actually lastly started the ball rolling, while enjoying monitoring video footage of The Disaster Artist star smiling at an individual beside him.

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