The Ultimatum’s April Debuts Her New, “Older” Boyfriend

The Ultimatum's April Debuts Her New,

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What April Marie desires, April gets! And what she desires many of all is a ring on her finger.

The Ultimatum‘s so-called “firecracker” exposed the identity of her secret sweetheart after teasing her brand-new person throughout the reunion episode, which dropped on Netflix on April13 The 23- year-old shared on the program that she remains in a “serious” and “healthy” relationship and has actually currently relocated with this “older” guy in Austin,Texas

“Mr. Right came along and swept me off my feet,” April later on informed E! News, joking, “While I was supposed to have my hot-girl winter, he interrupted it and we’ve been dating for six months.”

It ends up her brand-new love is Cody Cooper, a Texas- based realty broker and vape business owner. The entrepreneur, 30, is likewise dealing with a brand name called WOODCOX, referred to as a “Men’s Luxury Underwear” line coming quickly, according to his Instagram bio.

April shared their romance on April 14, composing on Instagram, “Thank you for being YOU. Thank you for being the most amazing man, boyfriend, partner & best friend I could ever ask for. I love you, I respect you & I adore you for a million things.”

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