There’s No Doubt Dwayne Johnson Is a True Icon After Giving Away PCA

There's No Doubt Dwayne Johnson Is a True Icon After Giving Away PCA

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Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson simply showed that he genuinely is the People’sChampion

The Jungle Cruise star, who was bestowed the homage at the 2021 People’s Choice Awards on Tuesday,Dec 7, chose rather to credit 2 of his own heroes with the title: Muhammad Ali and Make- a-Wish recipient Shushan Lazaryev

Johnson initially accepted the award, provided by his “drinking buddy” Jeff Bezos, however notified audiences that he does rule out himself the O.G. People’sChampion

“For those who may know or for those who may not know, the original people’s champion was the greatest of all time, Muhammad Ali,” the previous WWE star discussed. “I first met Muhammad when I was a little boy and he was so cool to me. He was so kind and he was so funny. He was always wonderful to me.”

Johnson called himself the “people’s champion” for his a “bad guy” personality in the WWE, however later on asked Ali’s other half for authorization to utilize the title.

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