These Amazon Joggers With 57,000 Five-Star Reviews Are on Sale for $17

These Amazon Joggers With 57,000 Five-Star Reviews Are on Sale for $17

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Wondering what real Amazon buyers believe? Check out the following evaluations.

“Imagine microfiber, how it’s light and has a smooth texture, and then imagine if microfiber and velvet had a baby. This is that baby! It’s light and smooth like microfiber, but also has some of the warmth and texture. VERY comparable to suede. Super, super comfy, almost like you’re wearing pajamas. These are the ultimate lounging sweats! Bonus, my cat loves them.”

“I LOVE these! They fit much better than I had hoped and they are remarkably soft too. They’re prefect year ’round attire for Southern CA. I don’t find them ‘clingy’ in the least. The day I wore these, which was a really hot and humid day, they didn’t stick to me at all. I ordered the pink, my favorite color and it’s just gorgeous. Great find!”

“These are probably the softest pants I’ve ever owned. They feel like velvet, and are unique in that they will keep me warm in chillier months but are airy and breathable enough to wear during the sticky, humid summer months. I shy away from sweatpants usually because I don’t like fleece lining or warmer pants in general because they always just seem to make me too hot no matter the season. These are almost perfect.”

“The most amazing joggers ever! I am 8.5 months pregnant and these are the most comfortable pair of pants I own. I just got them in yesterday and I don’t want to take them off! They are so comfortable and buttery soft!”

“I wasn’t sure what to think based on the description alone. You just never know. But as soon as these bad boys arrived, I fell in love with them. They fit great and are sooo comfortable. The fabric feels almost like a very thin cashmere. And I like that they have pockets so I can haul things around. I bought these to replace a pair of terry joggers and wanted them to be as easy, comfortable and cozy. They totally are. I want to buy them in every color.”

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