These Blake Lively & Beyonc é Outfits Are Getting the Royal Treatment

These Blake Lively & Beyoncé Outfits Are Getting the Royal Treatment

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The concept initially pertained to fulfillment in May 2018 after specialists at the palace saw the Met Gala, when style was Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination.

“Seeing the celebrities being maneuvered out of their vehicles onto the red carpet by a bevy of attendants arranging their elaborate outfits around them, we realized this all looks quite familiar,” Claudia continued. “Then, there were reports of great crowds gathering at the palaces to see aristocrats arrive in their finery.”

This advised the specialists of 18 th Century celebrations that were held at the palace.

“The 18th century is also the birth of the fashion press too, and there was a public narrative about what is being worn and who was in favor or out of favor at court—with detailed accounts of the outfits being worn at court,” she included, “like a best and worst dressed.”

And obviously, each gown is being kept in an area suitable for royalty. And while Beyonc é typically rules over the phase, her gown will now rule in its own right.

“She is under the thrown canopy in the Presence Chamber—which is the space where you would first encounter the monarch,” statedClaudia “You are in the presence of Queen B.”