Third-generation Spectacles, Facebook was transcribing Messenger calls – Video

Third-generation Spectacles, Facebook was transcribing Messenger calls - Video

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Guess what?
They’re still making Snapchat eyeglasses.
Due to ship this fall, the 3rd generation glasses will record Snaps in 3D and change them in the app to provide distinct 3D impacts.
Two HD electronic cameras will be installed to the side of each lens While the very first eyeglasses opted for $100 these brand-new ones will set you back 380.
Verizon is parting methods with Tumblr.
Immediate group has actually accepted offer it to automated moms and dad business of WordPress.
According to x iOS, the list price was well listed below $20 million.
Far Cry from the 1.1 billion that Yahoo spent for it back in 2013.
Finally, Facebook has actually stopped paying 3rd party professionals to listen and transcribe audio clips from its users, according to Bloomberg, business was doing so to examine the precision of its expert system Consistent.
It was just recently found Amazon and Google were both practicing comparable tests.
They both had actually likewise been placed on time out.
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