This 11-year-old CEO wishes to teach kids all over to code

Samaira Mehta

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Samaira Mehta, 11, has rather a list of achievements under her belt.

Angela Lang/CNET

Samaira Mehta states she’s simply a regular 11-year-old. She likes strumming the guitar, singing and playing outdoors. But something makes Mehta stand apart from other kids her age: She holds the title CEO.

At 7 years of ages, Mehta produced a parlor game called CoderBunnyz that teaches standard coding ideas. Two years later on, she introduced CoderMindz, which she calls the “world’s first-ever artificial intelligence board game.” As co-founder and president of a business likewise called CodeBunnyz (her mama, who has an MBA, is co-founder) she offers both video games, and business like Walmart and Facebook have actually partnered with her to contribute the titles to libraries and schools all over the world. The young Mehta is likewise the creator of Yes, 1 Billion Kids Can Code, an effort that intends to get — you thought it — 1 billion kids into coding by the time she finishes college, around 2030. 

“I’m an ordinary girl,” Mehta informed me throughout a Q&A at CNET head office in San Francisco recently. “I just choose to work toward an extraordinary goal.”

Extraordinary is a recommendation to explain her mission. Mehta has actually led more than 150 coding workshops at business like Google, Microsoft and Intel. She’s likewise spoken at more than 50 conferences, consisting of Mobile World Congress, the world’s most significant phone program. She has even larger dreams for the future, consisting of ending up being president of the United States. 

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This young CEO wants to teach 1 billion kids to code


Mehta’s passion is apparent as she confidently speaks about her goals and the need to bridge the gender gap in tech. When asked why it’s important to share her love of coding, she responds with an enthusiasm that makes you forget her age. Even when I ask her what piece of technology she wishes could be invented just for her, her answer ties directly to her bigger goals.

“I can’t be everywhere at once,” she told me. “The coolest piece of tech that could be created for me is a device that would let me clone myself, and it could bring me to every place in the world so that I can do workshops and I can teach more and more kids.” 

In our conversation, Mehta talked about what got her interested in coding, the challenges she faces as a young female and why it’s important for girls to be involved in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math). Here’s an edited transcript of our conversation.

Q: Let’s start off with the basics. How did you get into coding?
Mehta: I got introduced to coding when I was 6 years old and my dad [an engineer] pulled a trick on me. He revealed me something on his computer system, which had one button and after that there was a command that stated “Press this if you’re beautiful.” He informed me to provide it a shot. But when my mouse tip touched the “You are beautiful” command, it simply vanished. I was shocked. I resembled, “How did you do that? Am I not beautiful? What’s going on here?” 

He informed me he utilized something called coding to develop that, which got me actually ecstatic and associated with coding due to the fact that I wished to prank my buddies in a comparable method. I asked my papa to teach me this coding thing, and the minute I began, I fell for it. That’s when I understood this is something I wish to broaden upon.

So did you prank your buddies?
Eventually, yes.

Samaira Mehta 2

“Girls can be as smart as boys, including in the engineering field, if they choose to work hard and passionately toward what they believe in,” Mehta stated throughout a CNET Q&A.

Angela Lang/CNET

What led you to making CoderBunnyz?
I began speaking to a few of my buddies about just how much I take pleasure in coding, however I saw that they didn’t have the exact same enthusiasm I did. And I resembled, Why is it by doing this? Coding is something I think is actually enjoyable. So I blended my love of parlor game and my enthusiasm for computer system coding together to develop a parlor game that will teach kids coding.

Eventually, I began utilizing this with my buddies, and some gradually begun to gain back an interest in coding. Beforehand, they might have done a few of the really standard sites, however possibly they didn’t enjoy it. I saw that kids were beginning to actually take pleasure in playing CoderBunnyz, and they in fact began to take pleasure in coding. That’s when I understood I wished to begin doing workshops for other kids.

You raise an asset: We constantly find out about the absence of ladies and females in STEM, and you discussed that a few of your buddies weren’t thinking about those fields. Do you still see that, and why do you believe that is?
I believe a great deal of ladies have a hard time that method. They feel it’s something just kids can do, however I do not think that’s appropriate. I think ladies can be as clever as kids, consisting of in the engineering field, if they select to strive and passionately towards what they think in.

You likewise produced CoderMindz, a “coding-based artificial intelligence board game.” What does that suggest?
I’ve utilized a few of the coding ideas, such as sequencing and some Java programs, to present a few of the ideas of expert system, such as training, reasoning and image acknowledgment. AI is a subject a great deal of individuals have actually become aware of, specifically kids like me, however they do not actually understand what it is. 

Let’s likewise discuss Yes, 1 Billion Kids Can Code. What resulted in that effort?
I started doing workshops for kids at libraries, schools and business, and I saw how enjoyable it was teaching other kids. I likewise saw just how much they were gaining from it. 

Yes, 1 Billion Kids Can Code is an effort I began with the objective of assisting 1 billion kids on the planet gain access to STEM and coding tools, due to the fact that even if they do not select to end up being an expert coder when they mature, I think a fundamental coding understanding can make them much better thinkers, leaders, dreamers and developers of the next generation. 

Have you ever felt dismissed due to the fact that you’re young, or have you ever seemed like individuals inspect you or do not take you seriously due to the fact that you’re a young woman?
Being young is in fact among the most significant issues I deal with. I think individuals take a look at you in a different way when you’re more youthful. I’ve seen that individuals do not take me seriously. Especially being female, individuals believe, “She’s just an 11-year-old girl. What can she do?” But I think age is simply a number. Anyone can do anything if they select to strive towards it. 

Former First Lady Michelle Obama sent you a letter when. What did she state?
She informed me I was doing excellent which all I needed to do was keep pursuing my objectives and enthusiasms, which absolutely nothing can stop me. 

How did you feel when you got that letter?
I was greatly honored. It was among the best minutes of my life, and I seemed like all I was doing — all my objectives and enthusiasms, all my little dreams — were beginning to make a larger effect on the planet. It offered me inspiration to keep working more difficult and to keep doing what I like.

Who were a few of your good example when you began to enter into coding?
My moms and dads have actually undoubtedly assisted me a lot. But there are 2 particular individuals who stood apart to me: Grace Hopper and Ada Lovelace. Ada Lovelace was the developer of computer system programs in such a way, and she was a lady. If ladies might do something that excellent at that time, they can do something that excellent now. 

And Grace Hopper is really a motivation. It’s so motivating how no matter what the limitations or limits were, she pressed them, and she strove towards attaining what she really desired.

What achievement are you proudest of up until now?
Seeing the smiles on kids’ faces after they compose their very first code at my workshops. More than anything, it reveals me that all my work has actually settled. Kids are getting so involved and absorbed in the video game. That makes me feel so determined and honored and delighted.

Yes, 1 Billion Kids Can Code isn’t your only objective. What are a few of your other objectives, and what do you wish to be when you mature?
One of my most significant objectives is to get more ladies into tech. I have an speak with series called Cookies with CoderBunnyz where I interview individuals like teachers, business owners, curators and tech leaders who kids like me can gain from. 

When I mature, I wish to end up being the president of America. I think this will provide me a larger platform to connect to many more incredible individuals. 

Last however not least, what’s your preferred piece of tech?
Probably my computer system. I believe it’s actually cool just how much you can do. And it’s relatively an actually little gadget. The quantity of things you can do with the computer system — the quantity of code you can compose, the quantity of things you can construct, the quantity of software application you can develop — it’s my preferred tech gadget.

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