This Couple Got Nasty Hookworm Infections From Walking Barefoot On The Beach


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“Cutaneous larva migrans principally means there’s a larva, or the immature type of a hookworm, migrating round underneath the pores and skin,” Bobbi S. Pritt, parasitologist on the Mayo Clinic, tells BuzzFeed Information. The microscopic larvae stay in sand or soil that has been contaminated with canine or cat feces, says Pritt, and enter the foot by immediately penetrating the pores and skin. “The hookworm eggs come out of the stool and hatch within the sand or soil, the place they stay till an unsuspecting human walks on them barefoot,” Pritt says.

This specific pores and skin an infection is attributable to animal hookworms, versus human hookworms. “Human hookworms are completely different, they are going to penetrate the pores and skin however transfer to the blood and intestinal tract the place they trigger illness — these do not sit within the pores and skin just like the canine and cat ones do,” she says.

The worms want a heat, moist atmosphere to outlive so that they love tropical areas. “You will discover hookworms in components of the South within the US however they’re endemic to many international locations within the Caribbean, in addition to Central and South America,” Pritt says. The hookworms are frequent in seashores or rural areas the place stray canines are defecating, for the reason that eggs come from contaminated feces. However even a glamorous seashore resort can have hookworms, too. “Until you recognize a seashore does not enable canines, you’ll be able to’t ensure,” Pritt says.

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