This Detective’s Granddaughters Want to Solve the JonBenét Ramsey Case – E! Online

This Detective's Granddaughters Want to Solve the JonBenét Ramsey Case - E! Online

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Two granddaughters of the long time investigator in the JonBenét Ramsey case are keeping his tradition alive and doing what they can to honor the killed lady’s memory too. 

Twenty-4 years after the model was eliminated in her Boulder, Colo. house at the age of 6, ABC’s 20/20 is committing its Friday, Jan. 15 episode to the continuous examination of the still-unsolved criminal activity. Specifically, the episode will concentrate on Lexi Marra and Jessa Van Der Woerd, whose grandpa Lou Smit had actually devoted his life to showing the Ramsey household’s innocence up until his 2010 death after fighting colon cancer. 

“They know a lot about the case, my two girls,” Lou’s son-in-law Kent Marra shares in a 20/20 sneak peek clip that is unique to E! News. “They loved their grandfather.”

In the above video footage from the episode, Lexi and Jessa can be seen dealing with their podcast, The Victim’s Shoes, which concentrates on JonBenét’s Dec. 25, 1996 murder and the unlimited speculation and theories. In addition, a brand-new documentary called JonBenét Ramsey: What Really Happened? is presently streaming on Discovery+ and consists of formerly unreleased audio from Lou.

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