This Dog Does A Really Cute Thing To Cheer Up His Owner Because He Thinks She’s Sad


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She observed that when she has a bathe, Clark drops his toy into the bathtub to make her really feel cherished as a result of he thinks she is gloomy. It is necessary to notice that Clark hates baths.

“He is been giving us his toy since we moved into our new home that has a bath in it in July, the place we used to reside solely had a bathe,” Weaver stated.

“In fact, when he would first do it we thought he simply needed to play however that clearly wasn’t the case as a result of in the event you throw it he will get visibly upset and would not chase it, he simply needs you to maintain it till the bathe is over.”

She added that the gesture is sentimental: “It is his inexperienced toy and that is his favourite one ever, he is at all times strolling round with it in his mouth.”

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