This Man Makes Bio-Degradable Straws From Wild Grass That Come in Fresh & Dry Versions


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The utilization of plastic straws has been decreased worldwide due to its dangerous impact on marine life. The truth is, some eateries have utterly forgone using plastic straws in an effort to protect the setting. Due to this fact, folks and eateries have resorted to utilizing different straw alternate options – like steel and paper straws – as an alternative choice to plastic straws. Good on them!

Rather more lately, Mothership shared that a young Vietnamese innovator has developed another type of straw that is environmental-friendly. Tran Minh Tien makes these bio-degradable straws from a specific kind of grass which he gets from Mekong Delta’s fields.

The Lepironia articulata (aka grey sedge) grows wild in Vietnam’s wetlands. They are usually long and have a hollow stem as shown in the picture below:

Source: Mothership

Before they are turned into straws, they are first washed thoroughly and then cut into 20cm tubes. After that, the insides of the “hollow tubes of grass” are cleaned using a metal rod. Following that, the grass straws are washed again, then packed into bundles using banana leaves.

Source: Mothership

FYI, these grass straws are processed by Ong Hut Co which is Tran’s company and they come in two versions – fresh and dry. The difference between the two types of grass straws is their durability.

The freshly cut, unused grass straws can last up until two weeks if they’re stored in the refrigerator; if kept in room temperature, they can last for a week. On the other hand, dry straws can be stored in the refrigerator and it will last up to six months. Granted if they’re unused!

Freshly cut grass straws | Source: Mothership

Dried grass straws | Source: Mothership

Even though both these types of grass straws are meant for single-use only in eateries, Tran encourages people who buy them for personal use to reuse the straws.

You can watch how they process grass straws here: 

Source: Facebook

Unfortunately, these chemical and preservatives-free straws are not available in Malaysia as they only ship within Vietnam. Let’s hope they bring it here soon! 

What do you think of these grass straws? Would you be willing to try them? Share your opinion with us in the comments below! 


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