This Update on the Mean Girls Cast’s Group Chat Is So Fetch

This Update on the Mean Girls Cast's Group Chat Is So Fetch

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The Mean Girls cast’s long-lasting bond is beyond grool.

Eighteen years after the fan-favorite movie initially struck theaters, Jonathan Bennett— who played the renowned function of Aaron Samuels in the funny– is offering a lovable upgrade on his lasting relationships with his previous co-stars.

” I speak to Danny [Franzese], I speak to Lindsay [Lohan], I speak to Amanda [Seyfried] every as soon as in a while,” he specifically informed E! News’ Daily Pop at Hallmark Channel’s Christmas-Con2022 “We have a Mean Girls group chat that illuminate every October 3.”

As die-hard fans remember,Oct 3 has actually formally been called Mean Girls Day since of the scene in which Lohan’s character Cady Haron asks Aaron the date in an effort at flirting.

“It’s like a family,” Bennett continued. ‘”We all got to be involved in this really special movie that meant a lot to a lot of people and you don’t always get in your career.”

His co-star Lacey Chabert— a.k.a. Gretchen Wieners– echoed Bennett’s beliefs at Christmas-Con, informing E! “it’s like no time has passed” given that recording the 2004 movie.

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