This Viral Neck Stretcher Has Over 33,000 5-Star Amazon Reviews

This Viral Neck Stretcher Has Over 33,000 5-Star Amazon Reviews

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Here’s what customers are stating:

“Saves me from debilitating headaches!”

“The first time or two I used this, I didn’t think anything was happening. I didn’t have the discomfort many people described or really any specific feeling at all (except I also did notice some tingling in my left hand that took awhile to subside & after regular use of this product has not been an issue). However, in the mornings I have noticed my neck is SO much less tight (even after the first use). I feel like I have a greater range of motion. I probably use it 5-10 minutes 4-5 days a week so far (I’ve had it about 2 weeks) so I am not seeing any results in my ” tech neck bulge” and possibly I will not.

Also for months prior to utilizing this I was having some hip/groin concerns in one hip joint. My total hip pain/aches aren’t gone however I see much better movement and less pain/tightness in the specific joint I’d had difficulty with for months. May be a coincidence however I’ll take it!

My other half actually likes this item likewise.”

” I didn’t believe this might be the service I was searching for however I wanted to provide it a shot. The other alternatives were the neck sling, which looks completely efficient however something about hanging my head by the door urks me … and a vertical table, which I’ve utilized and LOVE however its additional af (significance I do not have area for that insane gizmo possibly when I’m 50). Most notably, I required something portable.

Man, am I pleased this lil futuristic tsunami pillow exists (not it’s genuine name, I provide it labels cus it’s so adorable and odd lookin!) I’ll need to take a trip with it and have one in my life permanently from here on out however it’s a sacrifice I’m happy to make …

What does it provide for me/how do I utilize it?
• it minimizes my neck, shoulder, and even lower neck and back pain in a matter of 10-30 minutes.
• At a minimum, I utilize it 2 times a week for 5-10 minutes (however normally longer if I have time) and simply lay on the flooring with it tucked under my neck and the base of it pushed into my shoulders. You take deep, thoughtful breaths and let your head hang back. As you breath you’ll feel your neck making area for the stress to travel through and be eliminated. Make sure you’re not tensing your shoulders, you will which’s ok, simply capture yourself and actually let yourself continue to fall under the stretch. BREATHING THROUGH THE STRESS IS THE MEDICATION. This pillow guides your spine chord into positioning. Also take note of your how even your hips/pelvis will require to straighten as you lay there.
• this alone allows me to go to town as a side sleeper.
• being that I’m a side sleeper with double jointed shoulders that pop out of socket when I sleep, along with a lower back disk herniation– for many years, on the day-to-day, I’ve gotten up with the most extreme pains in my scapula, neck, and lower back. Its even worse on weekdays when I deal with a laptop computer and tilt my neck in a dumb method, however this pillow entirely eliminated that discomfort in about 3 days after purchase. So we can all concur, IM OBSESSED.
• if I do not utilize it weekly, my discomfort will return as my work practices and phone practices appear to require me into dreadful posture:/

If my experience seems like yours in any method, I extremely advise you attempt this item! It will alter your sleep, spinal column and body for the much better.”

“I suffer from degenerative disc disease in my neck and also have fibromyalgia. This one item has done more for me in 10 minutes than any amount of yoga, exercise, weight loss, physiotherapy, massage, medication… you name it, ever could. I was astounded at the immediate relief. I will continue to use it daily and I hope to see good long term results! Highly recommend!”