Tiffany Scanlon’s words of caution for The Bachelor’s Alex Nation


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Tiffany Scanlon and Megan Marx made global headlines last year when they found love with each other instead of the man they were both competing for on The Bachelor, Richie Strahan.

In a case of deja vu, it was revealed that the show’s ultimate winner Alex Nation had dumped Strahan for a woman – Maegs Luxa, her WFL teammate. Having gone through a similar relationship in the public eye, Scanlon has some words of caution for her former The Bachelor roommate.

Bachelor Australia: Richie follows his heart

Bachelor Richie Strahan has fallen for Melbourne single mother Alexandra Nation in a surprise ending to the latest season of The Bachelor Australia. Vision courtesy Network Ten.

“My main advice to Alex would be to keep her private life private while she navigates a new relationship, whether that be with a man or a woman,” Scanlon told Fairfax Media. 

“After my experience dating a woman in the public spotlight, Alex would have to be completely insane to do it for publicity. 

“My relationship ended and I suffered a meltdown because of the public pressure navigating something so confusing and personal,” Scanlon added.

Such was the intense media scrutiny surrounding Scanlon and Marx’s relationship it surpassed coverage of the show’s winners – Strahan and Nation. 

However, Scanlon and Marx played their part, too, courting it with a Maxim cover shoot, frequent red carpet appearances and regular Instagram updates.

The attention led to questions about the authenicity of their relationship – accusations they both strenuously denied.

After nine months together, they split in March with Scanlon blaming the media in a post on her website, titled The Time I … Paid the Price of Fame.

In it, she explained they initially spent four months together in secret, but made the decision to go public in the hopes they might “inspire and help normalise same sex relationships, to show that love is love, to remove labels and stigma, [and] to just be”, wrote Scanlon.

They moved to Bali together where their relationship seem to evolve into a business plan that included a proposed television series “with the aim of educating people on sexual fluidity”, a book and creating an underwear line called Miffties

“With the focus being more and more on business, our relationship became secondary and we spent more and more time doing things separately,” she wrote, before adding she could feel herself “spiralling downwards into depression”.

Love is love and sometimes it comes in the most unexpected places.

“I was tired of the scrutiny, tired of defending myself, tired of the negative attention and tired of pretending to be happy and smiling for the camera when inside I was empty,” she added.

Scanlon is thrilled that her former The Bachelor roommate, Nation, 26, a single mother-of-one, has found happiness in Luxa, a 31-year-old chef also from the Mornington Peninsula, in Victoria.

“I am immensely happy for her, love is love and sometimes it comes in the most unexpected places,” she said 

“I never got the impression she had a romantic interest in other women or had ever had any experiences with another woman, however, she could have said the same about me, so stranger things have happened.”

Five months post-split and “meltdown”, life is looking up for the former reality television star and lifestyle influencer. She is planning to return to Bali for the first time since she was there with Marx to complete a coding course with The Institute of Code.

“I have mixed feelings about going back but I was offered too great an opportunity to let ghosts of the past hold me back,” she said.

While she’s happy to remain single for the time being: “I have been so focused on creating my own business that I have not really had the time or energy to be dating anyone and to be completely honest, I am still recovering from the fallout of my last relationship.”

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