TikToker Raises $200 K for Uber Driver’s Sick Daughter After Robbery

TikToker Raises $200K for Uber Driver’s Sick Daughter After Robbery

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This possibility encounter in between a TikToker and an Uber motorist was indicated to be.

Last month, influencer Becca Moore was robbed of her phone and charge card while participating in Coachella, she informed fans in a video last month. She stated that when she entered into her Uber, she didn’t anticipate her motorist, Raul Torres, to be her hero. After discovering more about his household’s battles, consisting of a daddy and child with cancer, Becca understood she required to utilize her platform to assist him like he assisted her.

She began a GoFundMe, setting the objective at $1,000 Within an hour, the objective was satisfied, so she continued to increase the objective. Now, she has actually raised more than $230,000 for the Torres household.

And everything began with a TikTok published on April 29 that shared her story and required contributions.

“So I got robbed at Coachella and my Uber driver saved me,” she stated in the video with practically 6 million views. “After I got in his car, I pretended everything was fine but he insisted on staying with me because he had an instinct that I needed help.”

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