Tim Cook offers clearest tip yet that Apple’s constructing a headset

Tim Cook gives clearest hint yet that Apple's building a headset

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Apple CEO Tim Cook positions for a picture beside a line of brand-new MacBook Airs as he goes into the Steve Jobs Theater throughout the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) at the Apple Park school in Cupertino, California on June 6, 2022.

Chris Tuite|AFP|Getty Images

Apple CEO Tim Cook just recently offered the closest thing to a verification that Apple’s constructing a headset.

Cook was asked in a current interview with China Daily USA what he believes the crucial elements are for increased truth, or AR, to prosper in the customer market.

“I am incredibly excited about AR as you might know. And the critical thing to any technology, including AR, is putting humanity at the center of it,” he stated, echoing remarks he’s made in the previous about how essential AR is to the business.

He then explained Apple’s operate in the area up until now, which has actually been concentrated on AR apps on the iPhone and iPad, prior to including, “But I think we’re still in the very early innings of how this technology will evolve. I couldn’t be more excited about the opportunities we’ve seen in this space, and sort of stay tuned and you’ll see what we have to offer.”

AR or “mixed reality” explains innovation that superimposes computer-generated images over views of the real life, contrasted with virtual truth, or VR, which totally immerses the audience in a computer-generated world.

It’s among the clearest examples yet of Cook acknowledging that Apple has something larger in the works. While the existing apps can be helpful for things such as mapping a space or seeing if a brand-new furniture piece may fit, it appears most likely that Apple has actually been constructing the library and tools for designers to construct apps for something like a headset.

Bloomberg stated in May that Apple just recently revealed its AR/VR headset to the Apple board which the business prepares to reveal it as early as completion of this year, although it might slip into next year. The very same report stated Apple prepares to offer the headset in 2023.

Apple would be playing catch-up with a variety of other huge tech business, especially Meta, which altered its name from Facebook in 2015 to symbolize its revamped concentrate on immersing users in virtual worlds called the “metaverse,” and Microsoft, which initially presented its Hololens AR glasses in 2016.

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