Titans’ Vincent Kartheiser Denies On-Set Misbehavior Claims

Titans' Vincent Kartheiser Denies On-Set Misbehavior Claims

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Mad Men alum Vincent Kartheiser is rejecting claims of misdeed on the set of HBO Max series Titans

The star, who plays bad guy Jonathan Crane, a.k.a Scarecrow, on the brand-new 3rd season of the DC superhero program, was the topic of 2 current internal Warner Brother Television examinations of supposed unfavorable habits. No other celebrations have actually been determined.

“Vincent Kartheiser vehemently denies the allegations,” the star’s associate informed E! News on Saturday,Aug 14. “Warner Bros. investigated this matter and made clear to Mr. Kartheiser its expectations for behavior on the set, and he agreed to comply with their directives.”

A source near the scenario informed E! News that the very first problem about Kartheiser included “sophomoric behavior of a verbal nature” that needed “corrective action” however not termination. WarnerBros Television’s labor relations department examined and talked to pertinent celebrations and likewise resolved the problems straight with the star and counseled him on behavioral matters.

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