Torture-screening tech with the Las Vegas Golden Knights – Video

Torture-testing tech with the Las Vegas Golden Knights - Video

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Hey, welcome back to the CNET phase live from CES 2020, my name is Jeff Bakalar.
Here with me now is Shane 90 previous NHLer and now, an honor expert for the Las Vegas Golden Knights.
Thanks for being here, Shane.
Thanks for having me.
This has actually been a great deal of enjoyable hanging out on Monday.
We had a great deal of enjoyable, yeah.
We did, every year we concern Las Vegas And we navigate to abuse screening gizmos that declare to be incredibly rugged.
But since Vegas got an NHL group, I’ve been searching for a method to weasel my method into playing hockey in Las Vegas, due to the fact that I enjoy hockey which’s what I wish to do out here.
So Shane, first off, thank you to you, the group, the management for having us out there.
And assisting us break some things on your practice ice.
Well it was uncommon when the demand came that it’s seldom you’re going to take electronic devices onto a hockey arena and and evaluate them out by shooting at them with pox then utilizing them as pucks.
non-traditional But as quickly as I heard that was what was needed, I stated, definitely, this seems like a great deal of enjoyable and it was.
So what we did was, we established a test with a range of various gadgets like you stated.
Action cameras,
MC Rugged cases, a couple of phones and we essentially simply began dumping on them.
And prior to we roll that video, Shane, you are defenseman in the NHL.
I’m sure you obstructed your share of shots in your profession.
You were using devices.
I’m sure it’s still injured, however can you explain for everybody simply.
What type of effect these gadgets were dealing with?
Well, if you get we did it a couple various methods.
So essentially a hockey shot a slap shot, it averages anywhere 85 to 90 miles per hour.
The hardest ever tape-recorded was 108.8 right by Zeno Chara in hockey’s a 6 ounce Vulcanized rubber pockets pre frozen so they take a trip at speeds comparable to baseball however there’s 20% more kinetic energy to a to a hockey puck taking a trip at the exact same speed and it triggers exceptionally more damage.
Yeah you wish to get struck by baseball.
I’ve damaged bones through that devices from obstructing shots.
I’ve nearly lost my eye two times from a hockey puck.
This was formerly.
It’s all great now.
Other than my eye looks 2 various colors, however it’s simply a little student damage.
And you can see great.
Everything’s cool.
Yeah, I can see great.
Everything’s cool.
But a hockey puck threatens.
Not just that, it’s simply a contact sport.
The boards, the glass, there’s a little forgiveness to it, however people tear shoulders, break bones from contact, so We put these, gadgets through what a great deal of people get hurt from.
Yeah completely.
Got me believing specifically when we began shooting on internet, we were striking all these things and advised me of the video cameras that remain in the objectives.
During your profession, did you ever see anything get busted due to the fact that all that things, they do not desire it to get struck.
It’s in the internet.
But they do not desire that electronic camera to deal with a slam shot or something like that.
Yeah sometimes you see tore down it’s well secured it.
You understand I’ve run out the video game playing for this 9 years now.
And we are at CES, innovation has actually significantly altered in the National Hockey League throughout 4 video cameras, the angles, whatever that’s included and I believe they’re a lot much better protective.
They’re able to cover a lot of the ice now.
And I’m sure we can get in later on.
I understand the NHL’s ready to truly advance the innovation in the video game to follow puck and gamer tracking.
They began in 2015.
I believe they did the All Star video game.
They did a video game here in Vegas.
They’re still getting all the information from that.
And ideally that’ll come quickly due to the fact that Hockey’s a unique sport to attempt and track due to the fact that it’s so quickly.
And whatever takes place, there’s no time at all where they’re, gamers alter throughout play.
There’s no whistle where you-
You require robotics to track what’s going on.
It’s tough to track.
So, I’m ecstatic, it’ll assist me in the broadcast.
A broadcaster, it’ll truly assist us offer it audiences Give it to individuals thinking about the video game, a lot more information and a lot more intriguing realities, well, throughout video game time.
All right, let’s have a look at-
What we did on Monday.
Let’s roll that video and we’ll get you after this video genuine fast.
Man, this is remarkable.
For 13 years, I’ve been pertaining to CES.
We constantly abuse test things out here.
I get never ever that call to do that.
And now, now Vegas has a hockey group.
So now I get the call.
Now I get to abuse test something.
Finally, it’s my rely on do something badly however possibly well, let’s go
I selected the ideal task I did.
So what we’re doing is not really clinical.
We’re going to shoot frozen rubber gizmos.
And they’re most likely gonna break.
So it’s not truly a sign of how rugged something is, however more simply us discovering an enjoyable method to break things.
I’m here with Shane Hnidy.
He’s the color expert for the Vegas Golden Knights.
Professional profession that broaden well more than a years Stanley Cup winner.
This is gonna be enjoyable.
It’s gonna be a great deal of enjoyable.
We’re gonna shoot some frozen rubber at number of gizmos.
I do not like the gizmos I do not like their opportunities.
But that stated, I have not shot in a very long time.
I have not been on the ice for a while.
Not rather what I utilized to be able to do.
I’m anticipating you to have that determine precision.
Wow, you’re a previous NHLer, I play in a beer league.
What we have here is a generally six-foot
But why a piece of Plexiglas.
With some velcro and we will connect all these.
To the Velcro it’s sort of vicious in a manner is a hero black 8 by GoPro.
That’s the Sony action web cam.
Then we have a AUSMIN action web cam.
Here is an iPhone with a rugged case.
Which is simply sort of like a death sentence, bud.
A rugged case?
Yeah, [LAUGH] Here we go, there’s a Lacie drive.
We’ll see how you go, bud.
Okay, this is the thermal feline phone.
It’s got a thermal electronic camera on it.
Check it out, wintry and early morning Jeff, is at the exact same time 3, 2, 1 go.
That was an excellent test, didn’t drop.
So that didn’t work so well.
All the gizmos fell off which velcro is a little too weak for the strength of a Shane 90 wrist shot.
So what we’re gonna do is, hockey Magyver over here is gonna Hang these from the crossbar which is fantastic.
We must have considered that earlier.
Round 2 or 3, whatever this is, now we need to shoot a bit greater.
That might be great or bad, let’s see.
[LAUGH] Ooh.
Did I struck the tape, bit.
Got one, there we go.
[LAUGH] There we go!
My God.
And they’re all down!
All right, now, Shane and I are gonna play a bit of crossfire.
Just attempt and get this man that’s off The crossbar, due to the fact that why not?
Why not?
Why not?
We got them here, let’s do it.
All right, this is what, GoPro?
I’m sorry.
[SOUND] All right, this is the [UNKNOWN].
[LAUGH] This is the a Sony [UNKNOWN]
All of closed.
And screen [UNKNOWN] you understand.
There we go.
That didn’t strike the club [UNKNOWN] That was respectable.
You got some loft.
I’m informing you that thing is great.
Kenny the eye for him, I feel bad for it.
Is it still alive?
It’s still alive, male.
That is remarkable.
It was on when I shot it.
That looked fine.
This is the heaviest item.
Yeah, this thing is a brick.
We’ve got the feline thermal phones, it’s genuine heavy, so that implies it’s gonna strike hard, too.
Lets see, crossbar One, absolutely nothing.
It’s high up.
Yeah, that difficult to shoot.
It’s difficult to shoot.
Good shot.
Did that struck the important things?
All right, we’re gonna take these back to the phase and see if any of them can switch on.
My cash is on that lease you drive in.
I believe the drive has real likelihood, this went through a test of Normally you would not see.
Yeah, I seem like they do not do this in the factory.
No, no, no, I’ve played hockey a very long time and I’ve never ever had gizmos to shoot with.
Yeah, so this, once again, is insane what we simply did, however [LAUGH] let’s take it back to the phase and see how it ends up.
Let’s simply get this out of the method initially.
These are my gloves and I use them any place I go.
This was a ludicrous test that we did right?
In no other way ought to we anticipate any of these gizmos to endure what we did to them.
No, however you understand what, some genuine great outcomes when you take a look at Totally.
It occurred.
So, however-
Yeah, we’ll get to it.
And, once again, thank you to all the-
Gadget produces to compromising these items for us.
That was really brave.
So, I’m using gloves due to the fact that we did shatter some glass.
I simply wanna can be found in and reveal a few of the remains of what we’re handling.
This is the Sony Action Cam.
That one got the worst.
That’s the one where I struck the real iron.
On the internet, take a look at that.
Boy, this truly had no opportunity.
The lens inside, though, is still undamaged.
That’s points [CROSSTALK], that’s respectable.
That’s some points.
This was the Cat phone, that thermal imaging phone.
I do not understand what occurred here.
The battery may have busted a bit.
It popped open the back case.
But this thing was taken a whipping we might not break it,
A couple of times.
That was that was quite remarkable.
All the things at first like being up to the ice was great it was up until we in fact right here was the rugged iPhone case this thing is this you might put this on another iPhone it would still work today.
The case,
The case [UNKNOWN] phone not a lot.
[LAUGH] Yeah, take a look at that.
You might see it is busted right open.
Sorry, little friend.
Okay, what else do we have here?
This was the GoPro.
No, this was the, what was this?
No, the DJI, yeah, yeah, yeah, shattered glass.
Look, what do you anticipate, right?
The front’s great.
The front’s great, front’s excellent.
I’m gonna take this and put it on a various one.
This is salvageable.
Right here.
Everything else not a lot.
Again, attempting to be fragile here.
All this damaged glasses.
This one here.
It is here we go.
This was the most remarkable one, right?
Apart from the disk drive here.
It took a little a direct hit from all type of a glancing Puck shot.
Yeah I do not understand if I might see that.
It’s difficult to focus.
But here’s where Shane accomplished.
Not bad, man.
Pretty great, and after that it went off the glass, the plexiglass, and down on the ice.
It took a whipping.
You understand what?
That glass is great.
Yeah, the glass is still undamaged.
Maybe you make action video cameras out of hockey pucks.
Maybe that’s the relocation.
That’s for a lot smarter individuals than me to choose.
That’s a patent that you and I simply solved there, 2020 patent.
All right, lastly, the LaCie drive, the LaCie drive, nevertheless you pronounce it.
No screen on it.
No screen, absolutely nothing to shatter.
You or I did not strike the aluminium metal here.
But I got it, I didn’t see that.
That may be brand-new.
But I believe I strike it someplace on the side.
What we’re gonna do today genuine fast Just gonna plug it in and see if it works.
I believe that’s reasonable.
Yeah, let’s find out more.
I imply, we do not understand, so here we go.
Hold your breath.
All right, let’s see.
Dude, the power light’s on.
The power’s on.
Nothing’s appearing.
I do not understand.
Power lights are great.
The power lights on so something is working, if not simply that little LED that shining that went off the boards 2 or 3 time we simply began having fun with it while we’re similar to circulating.
So it’s not signing up however a minimum of the light went on.
That’s remarkable.
That’s something.
That’s remarkable.
I’m going to disconnect it due to the fact that I do not desire it to take off or something like that, however
Very, really cool.
Going back to what you’re speaking about with the the tech in hockey.
I believe for me enjoying the video game and understanding like, simply how quickly it is, how tough is how do you believe all that things will assist individuals who possibly aren’t exposed to hockey comprehend that a bit much better?>> You wish to bring as lots of people as you can into the sport and you attempt to do that any method you can So to identify you wish to see how quick gamers can skate?
Get as much as 20 miles per hour you wish to see you understand how tough their shots remain in video game.
Some of the you understand the number of how, just how much does a gamer skate in the video game like a typical shift is around 40 to 45 seconds.
You understand, the
Ice time of a gamer can vary in between 12 to 25 minutes in a video game.
I believe the tracking they did I think in 2015 among the video games in between Vegas and San Jose 2 gamers skated 3 miles like things play some intriguing realities in video game and after that precision on passing.
So I do not understand precisely the specific innovation that enters into it.
It’s quite interesting to me when they can be able to track it.
And as I stated, it’s more difficult due to the fact that gamers in hockey modification on the fly.
There’s no whistle.
It can be mid-game and you have actually got 3 people altering and after that another 2, 5 people on it, So it’s tough to do it however there’s a lot of characteristics and after that it’ll assist the analytics of the video game completely.
It’s really intriguing and I believe for for individuals, the more info you can offer and the more individuals you can bring into the sport, nevertheless it is whether they enjoy physicality hockey, whether they enjoy the ability, whether they enjoy the financing, whether they enjoy The information the tech, I believe it’s excellent and it’s a enhances the audiences point of view.
I’ve been enjoying hockey for 30 years, I’m really connected mentally to this sport.
You take a look at like what the other sports have in regards to their, statistics type of Renaissance From Moneyball to all the method through, you understand, how granular that analytics gets, I believe hockey still has a little method to enter regards to like unloading that not due to the fact that there’s even if it is such a quick video game and such a difficult video game to type of wrap your hands around.
You require that innovation to assist a that type of animal.
Yeah, it is.
Alright, you understand, the innovation will assist.
It’ll assist the analytics, analytics however it’s still a sport where it’s a read and respond sport.
Everything takes place in a flash choice making.
But it’s the advancement throughout any sport where you’re seeing various tech items can be found in now there there’s items that tech their test their mind for gamers I saw, they’re beginning to present that.
Through U.S.A. hockey, there’s something that enables them due to the fact that hockey IQ is a huge part of it, how you’d respond in particular scenarios and simulate.
When I was training, there was none of this right?
You understand, we’re returning a couple of years or years, whatever you wish to call it.
So it’s intriguing to follow what’s going on and how things are altering then How it’s gonna enter into the video game at the greatest level, professional level in the National Hockey League.
So you stated you have actually run out the league a couple of years.
Since that time till now, exists any one thing that type of relocation the needle a little additional and away that you type of dream like I want I was around for that development or.
[LAUGH] Salaries have actually increased a fair bit.
Salary caps up.
It’s there something that, You understand what I’m delighted where I was able I believe simply the ability of the gamers now is off their speed and ability of the video game.
It is so quick which’s tech to light which is the the parts of a state.
I believe the important things you see now is simply the electronic camera angles, the capability to view the video game.
I you understand, although I do TELEVISION I still think hockey’s I’m prejudiced, however I think that it’s the very best live sport.
I’m a huge-
Because it is, yeah.
I’m a huge NFL fan.
Baseball I might take in any case, however NFL, to me, is a tv sport due to the fact that it’s not as quick paced, it’s sluggish moving.
Hockey, it’s simply quickly.
So, the abilty, I believe anything we can get to assist us to provide that video game due to the fact that we’re still attempting.
You’re attempting to grow the video game as much as you can.
And I believe we remain in a world now where tech can truly assist you do that.
Definitely, like you, I am a fan, and I wanna see that brand-new level of having the ability to view the video game and comprehend things that you can’t see with your eyes, that you require innovation to track for you, whether it be.
I’m sure we’ll specify where they’ll be determining the flex on sticks and things.
Well there is.
Yeah, there currently is, you have Their advancement of the hockey stick is significantly from wood to they did aluminum to piece where you had a wood blade aluminum shaft and after that it went to a one piece to achieve that now most sticks are constructed of carbon fiber with sophisticated there’s parts of caviar to make it more powerful.
There’s various kick points, various flex the band of the stick, which You understand that brings the speed of the park so people shoot harder now you quicker and and all that you’ll have the ability to be intriguing to to be able to get that in video game right a person lets a shot go how tough was that coming how quickly was he’s get.
[UNKNOWN] when it occurred, the precision of a gamer, he’s performed 4 to 5 passes and the length of time and goaltenders their conserves what they’re fit.
They’re standing there dealing with right, 90 miles per hour, frozen rubber coming out.
That’s incredible.
It’s an enjoyable time to be a fan of the sport.
Let’s attempt the the drive one more time, you get in the control space they wish to see one more time.
Let’s see Alright, we got that light once again.
If this breaks my computer system you’re spending for a brand-new one.
Not mine.
I do not Yeah.
Not gonna occur I do not believe.
Well now I can’t even get the light to come on.
All right.
It’s mad at me.
Shane, it was such an excitement can leave.
So much enjoyable Again thank you and thank the Golden Nights for letting us persuade my employers that I ought to bring my ice sets to Las Vegas.
That’s gonna provide for us, the Golden Nights are back in action tomorrow night hosting the Kings.
If you remain in town in Las Vegas and you have actually never ever been T-Mobile arena for a video game, take it from me go do it.
It is a wild time.
And thanks once again to all the item makers for sending us the items to abuse.
That’s GoPro feline, Sony Zizo, we truly value all of that.