Trace Ellis Ross Was Too “Nervous” to Stand Near Jimmy Kimmel at Emmys – E! Online

Trace Ellis Ross Was Too

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Tracee Eillis Ross is not taking any opportunities!

During an Oct. 21 in-studio look on Jimmy Kimmel Live, the Black-ish star exposed to Jimmy Kimmel how anxious she was being at the 2020 Emmys and described how careful she wished to have to do with not contracting the coronavirus.

“I told them I would be good standing next to you for the bit and then after I got there I was like, ‘Yeah tell Jimmy I can’t stand next to him!'” she exclaimed in a worried voice. “Tell him he’s gotta be six to eight feet, maybe even 10!” 

The starlet confessed to being “one of those nervous Nellies” about being safe, to which Jimmy concurred, “If’ you’re gonna go one way or the other that’s the way to go—overly cautious.” 

“I feel like I was built for the pandemic,” she stated. “And then all of a sudden at month five I was like, ‘No I’m not!'”

During her chat with Jimmy, Tracee likewise talked about the truth of dealing with the set of Black-ish, particularly with co-star Anthony Anderson and his huge beard.