Turkey: Husband implicated of pressing partner off cliff was ‘carefree’ after

    Hakan and Semra Aysal

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    Prosecutors declare Hakan Aysal killed his partner so he might capitalize more than £40,000 of individual mishap insurance coverage

    A hubby implicated of pressing his greatly pregnant partner off a cliff to capitalize insurance coverage was ‘calm and carefree’ when he flagged down a passing motorist for assistance after she fell, a court heard.  

    Semra Aysal and her coming kid passed away immediately when she fell from a charm area in Fethiye, south-east Turkey, in June 2018.   

    Prosecutors declare her partner Hakan Aysal killed her so he might capitalize more than £40,000 of individual mishap insurance coverage he got on her behalf prior to her death.  

    The 40-year-old, whose trial in Fethiye started today, rejects the charges.  

    Giving proof in court Sait Erturk, the motorist who was flagged down by the offender on the roadway soon after Mrs Aysal fell, stated he was shocked at the partner’s obvious absence of issue. 

    He stated: ‘I was driving there when I saw someone was waving at me, and I stopped. Hakan came and said that his wife had fallen down the cliff. We immediately got out of the car and started looking for her, but we couldn’t see where she would have landed from where we were. 

    He included: ‘We tried to get closer to the edge for a better look. Hakan did not come with us down there. We stayed there until the gendarmerie arrived. Hakan was very carefree and calm. He was not acting like a man whose wife just had fallen off a cliff.’ 

    Sema Aysal, who died after falling from a cliff. (Newsflash)

    Sema Aysal, who passed away 7 months pregnant after falling from a cliff (Picture: Newsflash)

    Semra Aysal, together with her husband Hakan Aysal. (Newsflash)

    Hakan Aysal is implicated of pressing his partner off the cliff (Picture: Newsflash)

    The couple had actually been on vacation in Butterfly Valley in the Turkish city of Mugla when the catastrophe occurred. 

    After authorities revealed the examination, a traveler stepped forward with video footage of Mrs Aysal’s last minutes.  

    Recep Sahin, who recorded the video, stated he forecasted that a person of the set would fall off the cliff. 

    He informed the court: ‘I stopped there to see the view of Kabak Bay with my household. My child was recording the view with my phone and the Aysal couple boiled down the slope at that minute.  

    ‘We even joked, “either this man will throw the woman off or the woman will throw the man”. There was no interaction in between them.’ 

    Prosecutors declare the couple sat on top of the cliff for 3 hours and this was so Mr Aysal might ensure nobody was around. 

    Semra Aysal, together with her husband Hakan Aysal. (Newsflash)

    Hakan Aysal acted ‘carefree’ throughout the look for his partner’s body, a court heard (Picture: Newsflash)

    As quickly as he understood they were alone, it is declared he intentionally eliminated his 7 months pregnant partner by pressing her off the 1,000feet cliff.  

    In the indictment gotten ready for the criminal offense of ‘deliberate murder’ versus the partner, it mentions that he ‘planned the murder of his wife by first taking out a personal accident insurance on her behalf with a guarantee of TRY 400,000 (GBP £40,865) and where the only beneficiary was himself.’  

    The indictment likewise kept in mind that Hakan declared the insurance coverage payment an instant later on, however it was decreased when the examination was revealed. 

    The court formerly spoken with the victim’s sibling, Naim Yolcu, who stated Hakan did not appear unfortunate about his partner’s death.  

    ‘When we went to the Forensic Medicine Institute to get the body, Hakan was sitting in the car. My family and I were destroyed, but Hakan did not even appear sad,’ he stated.  

    Semra Aysal, together with her husband Hakan Aysal.

    Semra Aysal with her partner Hakan Aysal soon prior to she passed away

    He included: ‘My sister was always against taking out loans. However, after she died, we learned that she had loans taken out by Hakan on behalf of my sister.’ 

    According to regional media Mrs Aysal had an overall of 7 loans secured by her partner on behalf of her. 

    Asked about the insurance coverage premiums, the offender stated: ‘I have been interested in extreme sports since 2014; parachute, bungee jumping, rafting. That is why I had life insurance before I got married.’  

    The offender was likewise inquired about the post in the mishap individual insurance coverage specifying that ‘in case Semra Aysal dies, her heir will be her husband Hakan Aysal. In case Hakan Aysal dies, his heirs will be family relatives’. 

    He stated: ‘I did not examine the policy much. The banker arranged the paperwork. I just brought it to my wife to get it signed. I was not aware that there was such an article.’ 

    He has actually rejected being accountable for her death, stating: ‘After taking an image, my partner put the phone in her bag. Later she asked me to offer her the phone.  

    ‘I got up and then heard my wife scream behind me when I walked a few steps away to get the phone from her bag. When I turned back, she was not there. I did not push my wife.’ 

    During the hearing today at Fethiye High Criminal Court, Hakan was missing due to being quarantined for Covid-19.

    Hakan’s defence group have actually required an acquittal due to absence of proof.  

    However, after considering the declarations and demands from the prosecution, the judge ruled that the offender needs to stay in detention.  

    The hearing was adjourned while waiting for reports asked for in the last session.

     The case continues. 

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