Twitter CEO gets chewed out by Sen. Ted Cruz – Video

Twitter CEO gets yelled at by Sen. Ted Cruz - Video

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Senator Cruz.
Chairman, I wanna thank you, Mr. Chairman, for holding this hearing.
The 3 witnesses we have prior to this committee today jointly position, I think, the single biggest risk to complimentary speech in America and the best risk we need to complimentary and reasonable elections.
Yesterday I invested a substantial quantity of time talking to both Mr. Zuckerberg and Mr. Pichai.
I have issues about the habits of both of their business.
I would keep in mind that Facebook is, at the minimum, a minimum of attempting to make some efforts in the instructions of protecting complimentary speech.
I value their doing so.
Google, I concur with the issues that Senator Klobuchar raised.
I believe Google has more power than any business on the face of the world.
And the antitrust issues are genuine.
The effect of Google is extensive.
And I anticipate we will have continued and continuous conversations about Google’s abuse of that power and its desire to control search results to affect and alter election outcomes.
But today, I wanna focus my questioning on Mr. Dorsey and on Twitter.
Because of the 3 gamers prior to us, I believe Twitter’s conduct has actually without a doubt been the most outright.
Mr. Dorsey, does Twitter have the capability to affect elections?
You do not think Twitter has any capability to affect elections?
No, we’re one part of a spectrum of interaction channels that individuals have.
So you’re affirm to this committee today that Twitter, when it silences individuals, when it sensing units individuals, when it obstructs political speech, that has no influence on elections?
People have an option of other interaction channels with-
Not if they do not hear info.
If you do not believe you have the power to affect elections, why do you obstruct anything?
Well, we have policies that are concentrated on making certain that more voices on the platform are possible.
We see a great deal of abuse and harassment, which winds up silencing individuals [UNKNOWN] leave from the platform.
All right, Mr.
Dorsey, I discover your opening responses unreasonable on their face, however let’s speak about the last 2 weeks in specific.
As you understand, I have actually long been worried about Twitter’s pattern of censoring and silencing person Americans with whom Twitter disagrees.
But 2 weeks back, Twitter, and to a lower level, Facebook, crossed a limit that is essential in our nation.
Two weeks back, Twitter made the unilateral choice to censor the New York Post in a series of 2 hit posts, both declaring proof of corruption versus Joe Biden.
The very first worrying Ukraine, the 2nd worrying Communist China.
And Twitter decided, primary, to avoid users, any user from sharing those stories.
And second, you went even additional and obstructed the New York Post from sharing on Twitter its own reporting.
Why did Twitter decide to censor the New York Post?
We had a hacked products policy that we [CROSSTALK]-
When was that policy embraced?
In 2018, I think.
In 2018, proceed, what was the policy?
So the policy is around restricting the spread of products that are hacked.
We didn’t desire Twitter to be a supplier for hacked products.
We discovered that the New York Post, since it revealed the direct products, screenshots of the direct products, and it was uncertain how those were achieved that it fell under this policy.
So in your view, if it’s uncertain the source of a file, and in this circumstances, the New York Post recorded what it stated the source was, which it stated it was a laptop computer owned by Hunter Biden that had actually been kipped down to a repair work shop.
So they weren’t concealing what they declared to be the source.
Is it your position that Twitter, when you can’t inform the source, obstructs press stories?
No, not.
Our group made a quick choice.
The enforcement action, nevertheless, of obstructing URLs, both in tweets and in DM, in direct messages, our company believe was inaccurate and we altered it within 24 hours-,
Today, [UNKNOWN] the New York Post is still obstructed from tweeting, 2 weeks later on.
Yes, they need to visit to their account, which they can do at this minute, erase the initial tweet which fell under our initial enforcement actions, and they can tweet the precise very same product from the precise very same short article and it would go through.
So Mr. Dorsey, your capability is you have the power to require a media outlet.
Let’s be clear, the New York Post isn’t simply some random person tweeting.
The New York Post has the 4th greatest blood circulation of any paper in America.
The New York Post is over 200 years of ages.
The New York Post was established by Alexander Hamilton.
And your position is that you can being in Silicon Valley and need of the media that you can inform them what stories they can release, that you can inform the American individuals what press reporters they can hear.
Is that right?
No, everyone, every account, every company that registers to Twitter accepts our regards to service.
Terms of service-
So media outlets should [UNKNOWN] and follow your determines if they want to be able to interact with readers.
Is that right?
No, not.
We acknowledged a mistake in this policy, and particularly the enforcement-
You’re still obstructing obstructing their posts.
You’re still obstructing their posts.
Right now, today, you’re obstructing their posts.
We’re not obstructing the Post.
Anyone can tweet.
Can the New York Post post on their Twitter account?
If they enter into their account-
[CROSSTALK] is your response to that.
Unless they [UNKNOWN] and concur with your determines.
Let me ask you something.
You declared it was since of a hacked products policy.
I discover that facially extremely suspicious and plainly utilized in a deeply partial method.
Did Twitter obstruct the circulation of the New York Times, a story a couple of weeks ago that supposed to be based upon copies of President Trump’s income tax return?
We didn’t discover that an infraction of our regards to service and its policy in specific since there’s reporting about the product.
It wasn’t dispersing the product.
Okay, well, that’s really not real.
They published what they supposed to be initial source products, and federal law, federal statute makes it a criminal activity, a federal felony to disperse somebody’s income tax return versus their understanding.
So that product was based upon something that was dispersed in infraction of federal law.
And yet, Twitter happily enabled individuals to distribute that.
But when the short article was important of Joe Biden, Twitter participated in widespread censorship and silencing.
And once again, we acknowledged the mistakes because policy.
We altered it within 24 hours.
This is-
But you have actually still obstructed the New York Post.
You have not altered it.
We have actually altered it.
They can visit to their account, erase the initial tweet-
You required the Politico press reporter to remove his post about the New York Post too.
Is that fix?
Within that 24 hour duration, yes.
But as the policy has actually altered, anybody can tweet [CROSSTALK]-
[UNKNOWN] you can censor the New York Post, you can censor Politico.
Presumably, you can censor the New York Times or any other media outlet.
Mr. Dorsey, who the hell chosen you and put you in charge of what the media are enabled to report and what the American individuals are enabled to hear?
And why do you continue acting as a Democratic incredibly PAC silencing views to the contrary of your political beliefs?
Let’s provide Mr.
Dorsey a couple of seconds to address that, and after that we need to conclude this sector.
Well, we’re refraining from doing that, and this is why I opened this hearing with require more openness.
We recognized we require to make our trust more.
We recognized that more responsibility is required, and to reveal our objectives and to reveal the results.
Thank you.
So I hear the issues and acknowledge them, however we wanna repair it with more openness.
Thank you, Senator Cruz.

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