Twitter lets Android users change to sequential timeline


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Twitter has actually broadened its sequential timeline button to Android gadgets.

Joan E. Solsman/ CNET.

Nearly a month after doing so for iOS users, Twitter is letting Android users change to a sequential timeline.

The business tweeted Tuesday to let individuals utilizing Android gadgets understand they might alter from tweets chosen by an algorithm to the most current tweets from the accounts they’re following.

“Android, we got you. Starting today, tap [the sparkle icon] to change in between newest and leading Tweets,” it wrote.

The algorithmic timeline, which highlights tweets thought about more than likely to interest you, has actually been around because 2016, and you needed to dig through the website’s settings to change it off. The shimmer icon, which Twitter very first meant in September and began screening not long after, uses a simple method to do so.

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Twitter CEO believes platform contributes to filter bubbles


In October, Twitter CEO and co-founder Jack Dorsey admitted that the site creates “filter bubbles” — reinforcing people’s political viewpoints or biases by surfacing posts — and acknowledged that it needed to offer tools to pop these bubbles.

The social media platform has struggled to bring in new users after a crackdown on fake accounts brought its numbers down in a big way — new features like the sparkle icon and doubling the length of tweets to 280 characters are part of its efforts to keep its service fresh.

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