Twitter revamped its site to make it simpler for you to browse


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Twitter’s revamped site.


The Twitter site you as soon as understood will quickly be a distant memory. The tech business stated Monday that it revamped its site to make the social media simpler for users to browse.

The brand-new desktop appearance begins presenting internationally today. Twitter evaluated various designs for the website this year and chosen this one after getting countless actions from users.


This is how Twitter’s site looked prior to the redesign.


The upgraded site consists of more white area and less grey. Your tweets are still shown in the middle of the page. On the old site, tabs for Home, Moments, Notifications and Direct Messages were at the top. Now faster ways are on the left side and consist of tabs for bookmarks, lists, and your profile. The website’s Explore tab, which includes curated tweets and hashtags, will consist of more live video and individualized regional material for users, according to the business.

Trending hashtags are now on the ideal side rather of the left. Twitter likewise fine-tuned direct messages so users can see discussion threads from other users and send out messages from the exact same page rather of needing to change to another screen.

The business stated it’s offering users styles and color alternatives for the site together with 2 options for dark mode. One variation, called “Dim,” has a blue-gray background. The other choice, called “Lights Out,” turns the background to black.

Twitter, which has 330 million month-to-month active users, has actually had a hard time to bring in more individuals to utilize the website. Conversations on Twitter can be hard to follow particularly when a flood of individuals are commenting simultaneously. The business has actually likewise dealt with criticism that it isn’t doing enough to fight bullying and harassment however is attempting to be more proactive about flagging those tweets.

Now the business will need to wait and see if their redesign lures users to remain logged into the website.