Twitter states picking who can respond to your tweet can assist you feel much safer online


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Twitter launched brand-new settings that provides users more control over who can respond to their tweets. 

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Twitter stated Tuesday that it’s launching brand-new settings that will let users manage who can respond to their tweet, a brand-new tool the business states assists some individuals feel much safer online.

The business began checking the brand-new settings in May and chose to present the function to all users of the app and desktop website. When you make up a tweet, users will see an alternative that lets them pick who can respond. You can permit everybody to respond to your tweet, just individuals you follow or just individuals you discuss. 

The function might assist users minimize harassment on the website, an issue that ladies have actually grumbled about for many years. At the exact same time, the American Civil Liberties Union and others have actually raised First Amendment issues that the tool might be abused by public authorities who obstruct speakers on accounts implied for public discussions. There have actually likewise been worries that the settings might likewise develop more “filter bubbles,” in which individuals’s political perspectives or predispositions are enhanced. 

Suzanne Xie, who directs item management at Twitter, stated in a post that users can still weigh in a on a tweet by retweeting a tweet with a remark, even if replies are restricted. 

“Twitter serves the public conversation, so it’s important for people to be able to see different perspectives,” she stated.


Twitter’s brand-new settings permit you to let everybody reply to a tweet, just individuals you follow or just individuals you discuss. 


Twitter stated users informed the business they felt more comfy tweeting since of the settings and it assisted protect them from spam messages and violent remarks. The settings avoided approximately 3 possibly violent replies and included one possibly violent retweet with a remark. Users sending out these violent remarks didn’t turn to sending out direct messages. 

Users who reported violent tweets to Twitter are 3 times most likely to utilize these settings, the business stated. During the test, about 60% of individuals who utilized the settings didn’t silence or obstruct another user. People who managed who can respond to their tweets likewise composed longer tweets than those who didn’t utilize the settings. 

The business stated that individuals have actually likewise been utilizing the settings to host interviews and make statements. Last year, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey did an interview with Recode’s co-founder and reporter Kara Swisher on the website in what one reporter referred to as a “chaotic hellpit.” That’s since there were many replies as the 2 were tweeting that it was hard for the general public to even follow the interview. Limiting who can respond to your tweets can avoid any undesirable remarks from can be found in throughout an online interview.

Twitter stated there are more tools in the works. In the next couple of months, Twitter is preparing “to add an option to invite more people to the conversation after it starts, clear notifications for when you’re invited to join a conversation using these settings, and more ways to see the entire discussion.” Twitter has 186 million users who log into the website everyday and can see advertisements.

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