Twitter streamlines its guidelines to stress security, personal privacy and credibility

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Twitter has actually streamlined its guidelines.

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Twitter is providing its guidelines a refresh. The social networks platform stated Thursday that it’s making its rules easier to understand with basic, clear language. Twitter cut its guidelines from 2,500 overall words to under 600, and it likewise organized the rules into categories for security, personal privacy and credibility. 

“Rules should be easy to understand,” the Twitter Safety account tweeted. “We heard you, ours weren’t. We updated, reordered, and shortened them, so you can know what’s not allowed on Twitter. Click through this thread for all our rules, and read our blog to learn more.”

More details — consisting of examples, comprehensive directions on how to report something and details on what takes place when Twitter acts — is being contributed to the guideline pages, Twitter’s vice president of trust and security, Del Harvey, stated in an article. 

In an effort to be more transparent, the platform is working to guarantee each guideline has an assistance page with comprehensive details and resources noted on it. Twitter will next work to upgrade guidelines around abuse and harassment, despiteful conduct, suicide or self-harm, and copyright, Harvey stated in the post.

“Our focus remains on keeping everyone safe and supporting a healthier public conversation on Twitter,” she composed.

Twitter, together with other social networks websites like Facebook and Instagram, has actually come to grips with dislike speech and false information on its platform. Last year it prohibited Tommy Robinson, creator of the far-right English Defence League, from its website, in addition to conspiracy theorist Alex Jones.

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