Twitter will let users in the United States and Japan conceal replies to their tweets


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Twitter is checking a method to let you conceal replies to your tweets. 

Graphic by Pixabay/Illustration by CNET

Twitter users in the United States and Japan sick of seeing painful or unimportant remarks on their tweets now have a brand-new tool: concealing replies.

The function becomes part of an experiment the social networks website is carrying out that might assist sustain more favorable discussions. To hide a reply, you click a gray down arrow on the right-hand corner of a tweet and after that click a choice that states “Hide reply.” Users can likewise unhide a reply and an icon at the bottom right of a tweet will suggest if any replies have actually been concealed.

“With this test, we want to understand how conversations on Twitter change if the person who starts a conversation can hide replies,” Twitter stated in an article Thursday. 


Twitter has actually been under pressure to do more to fight abuse and harassment on its platform. The social networks website can be a “toxic place” specifically for female reporters and political leaders, according to a 2018 research study by Amnesty International and Element AI. At the exact same time, even Twitter’s CEO and co-founder Jack Dorsey has actually acknowledged that the website can add to filter bubbles, strengthening individuals’s political perspectives, due to the fact that the website enables you to follow the accounts you desire.

Twitter has actually currently been checking a method to conceal replies in Canada and the business stated it’s seeing appealing outcomes. Users mainly have actually been utilizing the tool to conceal replies to tweets that are “irrelevant, abusive or unintelligible.” About 27% of users who had their replies concealed stated they’d consider their interactions with others in the future, according to the business. 

Twitter stated it’ll ask users when they conceal a reply if they likewise wish to obstruct that account. 

“These are positive and heartening results: The feature helped people have better conversations, and was a useful tool against replies that deterred from the person’s original intent,” the business stated.

Twitter, which stopped reporting regular monthly active users, presently has 139 million users logging into the website daily who can see advertisements. About 29 countless those users remain in the United States. 

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