‘U.S. consumer is alive and well’– Affirm CEO states market turbulence has no influence on company

‘U.S. consumer is alive and well’ — Affirm CEO says market turbulence has no impact on business

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Affirm Holdings Chairman and CEO Max Levchin informed CNBC that regardless of the marketplace’s bad efficiency this year, U.S. customers– and Affirm’s clients– are investing healthily.

“The U.S. consumer is alive and well. They’re shopping, they’re buying, they’re paying their loans, at least to Affirm quite well. Generally speaking, things are going according to plan, the upheaval in stock markets does not seem to have an actual impact on our underlying business which is performing really, really well,” Levchin stated in an interview on Thursday night on “Mad Money.”

Shares of Affirm increased more than 20% to around $2250 on Friday, the day after the buy-now, pay-later loan provider’s newest quarterly revenues report, which saw a smaller-than-expected loss. Affirm likewise beat top-line quotes and stated it’s extending its collaboration with Shopify.

“We’ve been the partner of choice, if you will, to all these really, really great companies that fuel the American e-commerce and we’ve done well there. That’s where all our growth comes from, that said, we also have a fantastically-well growing program … a merchant self-service,” Levchin stated, keeping in mind that Affirm likewise has collaborations with Walmart and Amazon.

Affirm opened Friday near $25 per share. But that’s still down 85% considering that its all-time high of $17665 back in November.

Affirm has actually not launched its complete 2023 outlook or full-year assistance yet. It prepares to provide those numbers in the business’s next revenues report.

Still, Levchin, Affirm’s creator, seemed bullish about the business’s development potential customers.

“Some of our competitors have just recently posted their 15% annual growth rates, some of them are not public so I don’t really know. You can see from my numbers that we’re doing just fine and doing so with really, really high quality revenue, really good unit economics,” he stated. “Everyone should be switching to buy now, pay later.”

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