Uber upgrades app to deal with coronavirus security, need masks

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Both Uber chauffeurs and travelers are now needed to use face coverings.


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For the most updated news and details about the coronavirus pandemic, check out the WHO site.

Uber has actually reconstructed its app to ensure chauffeurs and riders stick to security standards around the unique coronavirus. Before each journey, chauffeurs and travelers will now need to accept a “Go Online Checklist” of products, consisting of using a face mask, keeping windows rolled down when possible and have nobody being in the front seat.

“Many countries around the world are moving to a new phase of recovery,” Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi stated throughout a press get in touch with Wednesday. “We’ve built a new product experience for a new normal.”

Khosrowshahi stated the business has actually seen trips begin to get as shelter-in-place orders have actually reduced. To keep chauffeurs and travelers safe and assist avoid the spread of the coronavirus, he stated Uber chose to revamp its app with a concentrate on health security.

“The next time you open the app things are going to look a little different for both riders and drivers,” Khosrowshahi stated.

Uber chauffeurs state they have actually experienced a hard time throughout the pandemic. Many have actually reported coming down with COVID-19, the illness triggered by the coronavirus, and a minimum of 5 are understood to have actually passed away from the health problem. The United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has actually suggested that individuals prevent being in restricted areas with complete strangers, such as a cars and truck, to reduce the danger of infection.

“As cities and countries emerge out of this lockdown, all of us will have to work together to keep each other safe and healthy as we travel,” Sachin Kansal, Uber’s senior director of item management, stated throughout journalism call. “The technology we’ve built is flexible and adaptable.”

Uber chauffeurs need to accept a list of products prior to getting travelers.



Uber upgraded its apps for both riders and chauffeurs. For riders, when asking for a journey, they’ll initially be required to the list. This consists of concurring they have no COVID-19 signs and sterilizing their hands, together with the other products. Only then will Uber’s system start trying to find a chauffeur. Riders will be needed to do the list prior to every journey.

Similarly, when chauffeurs log onto the app, they’ll need to accept the products on the list. Along with not having signs and using a mask, they’ll likewise need to state they have actually decontaminated their vehicle. Drivers will furthermore be needed to take a selfie using a mask to be able to begin working.

Uber is doing comparable precaution for Uber Eats. Food shipment employees need to accept use face coverings at all times and follow consumer directions, like leaving food at the door. Restaurants will likewise have standards, such as having social distancing in location for carriers as they wait.

In all of these circumstances, chauffeurs, riders, carriers and dining establishments will have the ability to make reports when somebody isn’t following the guidelines. For example, if a guest removes their mask throughout a trip, a chauffeur can report the occurrence to Uber. If somebody has repeat offenses, they might be begun the app. Drivers and riders will likewise have the ability to cancel a journey without charge if the other individual isn’t using a mask when they satisfy up.

“Our goal here is to keep everyone safe,” Kansal stated. “We understand accountability starts with us.”

Uber stated it’s invested $50 million to purchase cleansing products and masks for chauffeurs. So far, the business stated it’s dispersed 5 million masks. Initially, it was sending out masks to chauffeurs in the mail. But now, chauffeurs will have the ability to get products at choose places if they choose. Kansal stated Uber has actually partnered with Clorox, Unilever and other makers to get these products.

Some chauffeurs have actually stated these products are tough to get and if they do get them, they’re restricted and do not last long. Drivers have actually likewise stated extra security functions, like plastic partitions in between the front and rear seats, would be useful.

Kansal said Uber will continue to look at its safety policies and that they will “evolve over time.”

Uber redesigned its apps with guidance from the World Health Organization and the CDC and the changes will roll out worldwide on Monday. The company said these new policies will remain in effect through at least the end of June.

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