Ukraine’s Zelenskyy advises European unity; Russian reservists suffer heavy losses

Ukraine's Zelenskyy urges European unity; Russian reservists suffer heavy losses

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Ukrainian soldiers are seen in a tank as the U.K. defense ministry states Russian reservists have actually most likely suffered heavy casualties.

Anadolu Agency|Anadolu Agency|Getty Images

Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy on Friday contacted Europe to remain unified in the face of Russia’s continuous war, calling it “mission number one” for the area this year.

“There is no split, there is no schism among Europeans and we have to preserve this,” he stated by means of video link to a conference inLithuania

It comes as the U.K. defense ministry stated it was “highly likely” that Russian reservists had actually suffered heavy casualties in Ukraine, 2 months after they were set in motion to eliminate by President VladimirPutin

“The Kremlin will likely be concerned that an increasing number of reservists’ families are prepared to risk arrest by protesting against the conditions their relatives are serving under,” it stated in its day-to-day upgrade Friday.

Meantime, around 70% of Kyiv’s local federal government stays without electrical power, the head of the local federal government stated.

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