Use this easy expression to inform your employer ‘no’

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Oftentimes the effect of being a reputable, efficient employee is … more work.

And, while the track record of being efficient is normally an advantage, even the most arranged, go-getter can’t do it all.

If your employer regularly asks you to handle jobs for which you do not have the bandwidth, it’s all right to state “no” in some cases, states Brandon Smith, a therapist and profession coach referred to as The WorkplaceTherapist

This isn’t constantly so simple, though. Denying a demand from an individual who has some control of your earnings is not surprisingly nerve wracking.

“You always want to treat a boss like the number one client or customer,” Smith states.

Here’s how to calm your supervisor and still set a border.

“Yes, and …”

“We want to borrow from our friends in improv,” Smith states. Meaning, do not flat out say “no.”

Instead, begin your reply with “Yes, and …”

After the “and,” state that it can’t be done immediately. He provides the copying:

“Yes, and I can get to that in a couple weeks.”

We wish to obtain from our good friends in improv.

Brandon Smith

The Workplace Therapist

If your employer states they require the job done quicker, inform them the other jobs on your order of business.

“Share with them the priorities you have and say, ‘which one of these do we need to move?'” Smith states.

This method, you’re showing how you’re a possession to the group, and interacting that today is not the very best time to put more on your plate.

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