Vaccines set to release bottled-up oil need: IEA

Vaccines set to unleash pent-up oil demand: IEA

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After 3 months of decrease in international oildemand, COVID-19 vaccine roll-outs are set to release thirst for oil stymied by pandemic limitations specifically in Asia, the International Energy Agency (IEA) stated on Tuesday.

“Already signs are emerging of COVID cases abating with demand now expected to rebound by a sharp 1.6 million barrels per day (bpd) in October, and continuing to grow until end-year,” the Paris- based IEA composed in its regular monthly oil report.

The IEA anticipated a robust rebound in the market from the 4th quarter of the year pointing out “strong pent-up demand and continued progress in vaccination programmes”.

Still, the spread of the Delta variation of the infection in current months triggered the firm to cut its projection for need development for the year in general by 105,000 bpd, while it raised its quote for 2022 by 85,000 bpd.

Damage from Hurricane Ida in the U.S. Gulf coast oil center triggered the very first decrease in international supply in 5 months, the IEA stated, approximating that the possible supply losses from the storm method 30 million barrels.

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