Vaping Marijuana Causes More Lung Damage Than Vaping or Smoking Nicotine

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Adolescents who vape marijuana are at higher threat for breathing signs a sign of lung injury than teenagers who smoke cigarettes or cannabis, or vape nicotine, a brand-new University of Michigan research study recommends.

The result obstacles standard knowledge about vaping nicotine, states the research study’s primary detective, Carol Boyd, the Deborah J. Oakley Collegiate Professor Emerita at the U-M School of Nursing.

“I thought that e-cigarettes (vaping nicotine) would be the nicotine product most strongly associated with worrisome respiratory symptoms,” she stated. “Our data challenges the assumption that smoking cigarettes or vaping nicotine is the most harmful to the lungs. If we control for vaping cannabis in our analyses, we find there is a weaker relationship between e-cigarette or cigarette use and respiratory symptoms when compared to vaping cannabis.”

Boyd, who likewise co-directs U-M’s Center for Drugs, Alcohol, Smoking and Health, worried that the findings do not indicate that vaping nicotine or cigarette smoking or cannabis are okay for you. These items likewise produce signs of lung injury, however not to the very same degree as vaping cannabis, she stated.

“In short, it is all bad but if you also vape cannabis you have a greater number of unhealthy respiratory symptoms than if you just smoke cigarettes or marijuana, or vape e-cigarettes,” Boyd stated. “Without a doubt, cigarettes and e-cigarettes are unhealthy and not good for lungs. However, vaping marijuana appears even worse.”

Boyd and coworker Philip Veliz, U-M research study assistant teacher of nursing, wished to check out the association of unhealthy breathing signs amongst U.S. teenagers presently utilizing cigarettes, e-cigarettes or marijuana and who had actually vaped marijuana within their life time.

Adolescents who reported vaping cannabis were approximately two times as most likely to report “wheezing and whistling” in the chest than those who did not. Current usage of cigarettes, e-cigarettes and marijuana were connected with some breathing signs, such as dry cough, however a lot of associations were not substantial after managing for vaping marijuana.

The scientists likewise discovered that an asthma medical diagnosis was most highly connected with signs of future lung injury than cigarettes, e-cigarettes, marijuana usage and vaping marijuana.

One research study constraint is that the scientists did not take a look at co-use of vaping marijuana and using cigarettes or e-cigarettes.

“Future studies need to assess if it is the combination of vaping both nicotine and cannabis that is creating so many respiratory issues,” Veliz stated. “It may be the combination of vaping cannabis along with smoking cigarettes is what leads to the high rates of respiratory symptoms among youthful marijuana vapers.”

Boyd and Feliz took a look at self-reported signs from a sample of teenagers ages 12-17 years, from the 2016-2018 Wave of the Population Assessment of Tobacco and Health Study. Symptoms were: wheezing and whistling in the chest; sleep disrupted or speech restricted due to wheezing; sounded wheezy throughout or after workout; and dry cough in the evening not connected with chest health problem or infection.

Reference: “Cannabis, Vaping, and Respiratory Symptoms in a Probability Sample of U.S. Youth” by Carol J. Boyd, Ph.D.; Sean Esteban McCabe, Ph.D.; Rebecca J. Evans-Polce, Ph.D. and Philip T. Veliz, Ph.D., 3 March 2021, Journal of Adolescent Health.
DOI: 10.1016/j.jadohealth.2021.01.019

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