Video shows cast of creepy-crawly crabs invading Florida man’s yard – National


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Click-click. Click-click. Click-click.

That’s the sound of dozens of land crabs swarming a Florida man’s backyard.

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Dan Skowronski of Port St. Lucie, Fla., recorded footage of a so-called land crab “invasion” at his home last week, after the creepy-crawly crustaceans were apparently forced out of their burrows by heavy rainfall.

The video shows several crabs hanging from the screen window at the back of Skowronski’s house.

Crabs are shown on a man’s screen in Port St. Lucie, Fla., in this image from video.

Dan Skowronski/Facebook

“The invasion of the land crabs,” Skowronski says in the video, as he pans the camera across the crabs on his screen.

“Let’s go out and take a look.”

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Skowronski opens his screen door and steps into the yard, sending several frightened crabs skittering away.

At least three dozen crabs are visible in the video. Most of them appear to have been hiding between the wall of the house and various objects in Skowronski’s yard.

Several land crabs are shown at a home in Port St. Lucie, Fla., in this image from video.

Dan Skowronski/Facebook

“Their homes got wiped out by the rain,” Skowronski says. “They’re more scared of me than I am of them.”

He adds that these “invasions” occur about once a year.

Each crab was “a good six inches, seven inches long,” he told local station WPTV last week. “They were a pretty good size with real big claws — real big crab claws.”

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