Video reveals what takes place when a driverless vehicle gets pulled over

Video shows what happens when a driverless car gets pulled over

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A current video published online reveals a driverless Cruise vehicle getting pulled over in San Francisco by cops who discovered the self-governing car didn’t have anybody behind the wheel.

In the video published on April 1, the Cruise vehicle at first pulls over to the side of the roadway and stops as a police approached the motorist’s side prior to speeding up to cross an in crossway and manage even more down the roadway.

“Are you serious? How does that happen?” a spectator shouts in the video.

Cruise stated on Sunday that the vehicle acted as anticipated.

“Our AV yielded to the police vehicle, then pulled over to the nearest safe location, as intended. An officer contacted Cruise personnel and no citation was issued,” Cruise said on its business Twitter account.

Cruise informed CNBC that the San Francisco Police Department has a devoted telephone number readily available at all times for officers to call when the business’s driverless cars get pulled over. SFPD agents didn’t right away return ask for more info.

The funny episode highlights a few of the circumstances that can happen as driverless vehicles end up being more typical on city streets.

Cruise, a GM subsidiary, began to use nighttime trips to the general public previously this year in San Francisco in driverless vehicles, although it’s not yet charging and riders require to make an application for a waitlist.

Waymo, a Alphabet subsidiary, is preparing to use complimentary driverless trips in its vehicles in San Francisco to members of a screening program, and has actually finished “tens of thousands” of trips without a motorist in Arizona.

Nuro has a release authorization to run driverless vehicles in San Francisco too, however the start-up concentrates on shipment, not a taxi service.