Walmart presents 3D virtual online shopping


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The dots in Walmart’s 3D virtual house emphasize products you can purchase.


Walmart included a 3D virtual shopping trip to its site Wednesday, providing clients the opportunity to check out a nonexistent house filled with items they can purchase.

The trip showcases about 70 products from different brand names and Walmart’s own offerings. Customers can click their method around the one-bedroom house and click items to purchase them from the website.

The products for sale appear concentrated on furnishings and other fundamental furnishings– a Microsoft Xbox One and Samsung refrigerator show up, however not presently clickable.

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The company will go to the next level in July, when it adds a Buy the Room feature that will allow customers to add multiple items to their cart and purchase a whole curated look.

Walmart may also be be looking to streamline its online shopping experience with checkout-free retail, as it reportedly discussed collaborating with Microsoft on the tech earlier this month.

It also launched a $50-per-month personal shopper service, Jetblack, in May and massively expanded its online grocery service in March.

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