Want to sound more positive? Avoid these 11 words and expressions that make you look weak

Want to sound more confident? Avoid these 11 words and phrases that make you look weak

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In such a competitive world, the last thing you require to do is undercut yourself. But that’s what a great deal of us are doing when we interact in manner ins which make us sound less positive, less figured out, and less sure of ourselves.

But there’s a reliable service: Swap out weak words and expressions for ones that will make you stumble upon as more expert and capable.

Here’s what psychologists, linguists, employers and CEOs state you must prevent utilizing if you wish to get ahead, together with basic replacements that will make a huge distinction in how you are viewed:

1. “Does that make sense?”

What to state rather: “What are your thoughts?” or “I’d like your input on this.”

If you ask “Does that make any sense?” after you have actually completed sharing an idea, you’re instantly offering the impression that you’re not persuaded yourself, that your concept may be insufficient.

Rather than looking for recognition or approval, you must be asking the listener or reader for their viewpoints on your concept.

2. “Maybe we should try …”

3. “I think this would …”

4. “I’m not positive, but …” or “I’m not sure, but …”

5. “I just wanted to touch base …”

6. “Needless to say …”

7. “In my opinion …”

8. “For what it’s worth …”

9. “Sorry”

10 “[X] was established to increase [X].”

11 “… if you know what I mean”